A difficult quest: Conquering Australian audience

Tune into the future: The intersection of Music+Tech

One of the main issues for increasing digital business in Australian Music Industry became an interesting approach for understanding the complexities of these market and audience. In words of Patrick Nellestein, moderator from this event. “We have all the elements required to promote a digital industry but what we missed is a common space,” while he talked about the main topics from the event Tune into the future: The intersection of Music+Tech, where different professionals from local music industry shared their actions about support the use of new alternatives from digital technology, and different platforms for offering new alternatives to everyone involved in this field.

Colin Blake expressed the changes in digital platforms for radio stations and how they are creating new alternatives for artists, he was deeply clear about the differences and times when you compare, for example, American with Australian market. However, he expressed there is a positive feedback from audiences about new platforms like iHeartRadio, which only play unsigned bands for users of who can accessed via online or through apps and, it has been working since last december.

How digital industry determine the rules for distribution

Colin Blake, CEO of Territory Australia & New Zealand, Rdio, explained how this platform works. From left to right, Rob Pix, Dj Electronic Music Producer & Recording Artist,Paul Guildea, Senior Coordinator, Entertainment & Arts Management, Institute of Music,Alex Zaccaria, Bolster Digital Music Producer and Recording Artist,Alex Yabsley, Digital & CRM Coordinator, Yamaha Music Australia; and,Patrick Nellestein (moderator), Senior Coordinator, AIM and Creative Director, River Road Creative Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Gildea exposed his vision about how music industry has changed in the last decade and the transformation of business under the new alternatives of digital technologies. He mentioned names of famous artists, who were discovered in platforms like Youtube. Although the question how people who are not prepared to use this type of platforms are missing opportunities to share their compositions with others and at the same time, missing the opportunity to be known by wider audiences.

Pink Floyd’s album The Endless River, released last year, was one of the most successful in United States and United Kingdom last year and nobody knows about it

Paul Gildea

What about new talents…

Under these circumstances and new generations who grow up listening music in their devices what was music industry for artists like The Beatles, has been gone but the question is digital is the opportunity to be listened only for people who have enough economic sources to listen music. Sometimes, it would be interesting to know how make possible keeping the positive from analogue music business and supporting it with new technologies. Without doubts, the battle began after Napster Case, later the main goal to keep the attention from audience, which is the irreplaceable element in this industry. Companies have been searching for new ways of making money and even today, struggling strategies are part of this scenario, we could not forget Spotify‘s crisis management this year, when Taylor Swift took off all her work from this platform expressing that artistic creation could not be devalued by digital industry. With or without previous conflicts, it is undeniable that the presence of new opportunities for talented artists who could promote their music using digital platforms as a medium for transforming a hobby in a way of living.

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