Design for change

Oxfam created an alternative for attracting the attention of creative artists to their project Design for change. Especially when “women perform 60% of the world’s work but they earn only 10% of the world’s income”. Without doubts, inequality is not only an issue related to political or knowledge field but mainly economical, which has provoked disadvantages for women.

The main goal of Flash talks was increased awareness in Australian society about this issue around the world, which affected women everywhere, even inequality in access to equal payment as male counterpart. Also, this situation only increased other social issues as intra-familial violence because women are not able to stop this situation, if they have not access to money or well-paid jobs. Besides the regular issue about acknowledge about women’s issues, this moment was interesting to discover more from people invited to this event.

Through fast talk, the presentations worked to promote the use of creativity for introducing different subject to social discussion or increasing the discussion of different social topics through inventive, creation and communication. Most of them were committing to change many aspects of their crafts.

Marc Martin, Veronica Grow, Nick Hallam, Michael Agzarian and owners from Sibling, Amelia Borg and Qianyi Lim expressed their vision about how politics, economics, public relations, ethics, creativity and other aspects from social interaction influenced the way of producing their work. Even so, the most crucial aspect was determined by their passion and interest in a determined field.

In the case of Veronica Grow, the main aspect was her interest for teaching under different conditions of her previous professional experiences. She said that her interest was focusing in teaching students to learn while they were doing what they like. Especially, when education use to structure people for thinking in the same way. Her approach to education is founded in tacit knowledge.

Meanwhile Marc Martin exposed his experience in ethics, when he reminded -without incurring in names or further info- about attractive professional offers, however, it use to be a situation in which these choices would make him go against his personal and professional values. Under these circumstances, he was clear about the importance of doing a good job because it is the best way to be sure that there will be more opportunities, avoiding say “yes” to every opportunity but approaching to work under your personal vision and values.

Amelia Borg and Quiany Lim were sharing their passion about architecture, urban design and their experiences as part of Sibling, a company which promoted architecture, urbanism, cultural analysis and visual communication and their expressions about what influences are always part of their creations.

This interesting approach to invite designers to participate through their brands to promote changes was conceived as a way to modify what women use to experience as part of their lives.

By Rossana Naveda

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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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