Artificial Intelligence and social issues

We are used to watch sic-fi movies about Robots from the space or develop by corporations, which at the last moment end like the worst nightmare for their creators. Also, we used to find more stories about machines and those who create them are not able to keep any type of control when robots become more intelligent than their creators is one of the common stories in Literature and films. However, these channels could provide the most important contact with the meanings of technology innovation. Sometimes, citizens are surprised by what they could see as mere fiction

However, the simple way to explore this type of science projects would generate new opportunities to debate important issues and aspects of technology to develop better treatments for some diseases. Without doubts we must overcome i what we thought about changes in society and the way to confront diseases. Furthermore, the relevance of new conditions must be applied to  increase the number of opportunities to create new  products or different process to increase the quality and their production. We could not ignore that the questions about how these new mechanisms would affect and change the way of human work with each other will be transformed.

The environment for human beings has been transformed through this process. From the first man who discovered how to start a bonfire until societies increased their size of their economies through Industrial Revolution. The continuous evolution of practices, methods, systems and tools in this path has given chance to different transformations for our behavior and the way of using and implementing new ways to communicate, create, build or collaborate. The last action was one of the most popular in the last decades, especially, after the increased in the people with access to Internet and computers. The success and interest from different companies, governments, public and private organizations to develop Artificial Intelligence to ameliorate the conditions, process, access and speed of different services.

What would be interesting is how to develop this technology to improve discoveries and research for creating mechanisms to improve health conditions in population. Under new research outcomes would be possible to support disabilities in millions of people. I believe that science should offer new options to humanity to survive the worst physical conditions while giving them new opportunities to explore a complete life even in the worst scenario like blindness, deaf, brain damage, tumors, among other diseases attacking the nervous system.

When we think about the use of Nanotechnology and Robotics to combat the dangerous diseases for human beings. There are new ideas of how this  mini-robots would be able to attack cancer cell in human bodies.  If we must to understand the purposes for new technologies to increase there are only in US more than 300 millions of people who suffer from brain and nervous system conditions. Among these diseases, there are vestibular balance disorder, pain, spinal cord injuries, phantom limb pain, macular degeneration, developmental disorders, blindness and other mental health issues. Without doubts, the relevance to study human brain and how new creations in IT would offer better possibilities to those who are affected around the world for different problems, which diminish their possibilities to live a fulfilled life or overcome their diseases.

An example of Nanotechnology

MIT conference about Nanotechnology and Health

The main reason to support this type of process could provide better alternatives to patients with complicated diseases to be treated while pharmaceutical products, chemotherapy and other alternatives are not enough to provide them with the right treatment to be able to overcome this difficult situations. Also it would be interesting define how it would change the health system in different countries.

Even when it is possible that some politicians were not interested in support this type of research. The relevance of changing the conditions of health system for citizens through different methods must be an achievable reality. Especially, when there are enough professionals interested in this type of options so transform the health services for people suffering severe conditions, which affect not only them but their families and society too.

The relevance of Artificial Intelligence in Nanotechnology

The development of Artificial Intelligence would increase the possibilities to develop better approaches to the treatment of diseases through the use of Nanotechnology. Under the right conditions of to develop a process to provide the right evolution for computers to generate solutions faster with the control of human beings, the possibilities for increase the speed in the different steps of research would be absolutely necessary to bring new solutions in health field.

The crucial aspect is how increased the awareness and support of citizens to implement this type of process soon in different context. Increasing the possibilities to find a cure for abnormal conditions, which reasons  had not been completely determined by science through the last decade. The most difficult part is increasing the number of people who understand what could be their opportunities to battle against terrible conditions. Without doubts, the relevance to get acknowledge about the consequences of applying this type of tools should be introduced to more citizens, who would be able to ask for demanding this type of health service or supporting new health policy to increase the investigation in these fields. Furthermore, when the possibility of surviving deadly diseases could be modified by new steps for this type of research.

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