Body and image: between abuse and censorship

There was not doubt that the beauty and sex-appeal from women under the influence of beauty paradigms in different historical context and cultures has played an important role in the History of Media. Throughout different decades we have seen how a variety of women have been chosen to represent that role in media. The point of showing and replicating these stereotypes is something difficult to end while we have been exposed in different ways to them in our lifetime. Also it is part of humanity ’s culture heritage since the beginning of civilization. We only need to see how societies had perceived beauty under different socio-economic and political conditions through history. Even the sense of what communities determined like moral or not had been transformed under the circumstances inspired by the influence of different philosophies in the political relations between different groups. Although the fact of taking from women the right to choose if they want to participate under these conditions in society, I do not think it is right. Furthermore, it is something we should not assume like impossible to stop, this is the time to support women’s right to avoid being commercialized or used without being informed or giving her permission for showing her body, if someone thought this is something for the benefit of this woman.

For example, the case of some celebrities being exposed through Internet without their knowledge or permission a few months ago was an extreme situation, there was not only one victim, it looked more like an intrusion in the private lives of at least a dozen. Furthermore, it was not only the type of situation for artists, even Royals have been involved in this type of what media called faux-pas with Prince Harry in Las Vegas, and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, while sharing holidays with her husband, being captured and exposed in media like if there will be something normal. Those cases provoked awareness in citizens about the risks of filming themselves or participating in practices where their bodies would appear later on different websites supporting this type of activities. The worst case for those who were captured without their knowledge. These experiences would show the urgency of different organizations to get involved and solve these crimes, however, it would give a new vision for people who are not public figures and also ended like victims of criminals, who thought what they were doing was something right, fun or want to win money using the body of others. The most responsible action if they need so much the money, they should be using theirs. At least, if they want to participate in porn industry, they should do it with their own goods, if they were not able to support themselves or finding a different way of living, or trying to support their families.


Furthermore, this type of situation would affect the person in different levels, which should be punished. It is not possible that someone make money exploiting other person without their acknowledgement, permission and desire. This topic is not about being prude, liberal or being influenced by different political labels or religious beliefs, the topic is simple, nobody has the right to make money using the body of a person who ignored the situation and never give her support for this action. Especially, when hacking accounts, personal computers or other devices it is not so hard for people working with technology or being involved in criminal behavior.

Meanwhile, people interested in showing their bodies in media have been very busy protesting against the lack of support for women who wanted to expose their nipples without being rejected by platforms like Instagram. The situation has many people interested, some very famous –Rihanna, Madonna, Scout Willis-, giving more attention to women who really want to share their bodies like any guy who does not need a shirt while posing for showing their bodies in media. The fight between these positions increased the attention about how difficult could be for someone expose their body on Internet while others could do it using the body of someone else without permission or problems. Unbelievable? Yes, it is the best word to describe the situation.


We should find a solution, which satisfy different positions. Why we are not able to avoid people underage to watch this type of images while they are visiting a website? Meanwhile, If there is an opportunity for diminishing this type of risk for users of mobile phones, cameras, video cameras to become victims of hackers, who enjoyed making these actions. There should be an opportunity to increase the security in the information economy and providing women and men to keep their privacy. In other cases or situations, some people could be victim of a crime. Afterwards, they discover they were sold in this type of websites without their knowledge. No matter what motivated this type of criminal behavior. If we are thinking about supporting rules for democratizing effects of the Internet and mass-media, we should not make possible that anyone could have an opportunity to attack the rights of male or female who ended being misrepresented like simple objects without even known or accepted this type of violation against their freedom to choose if it is something they would like to become.

The role of government and society to be involved in this public affair is important because it is not about sex or puritanism, it is a matter of supporting a criminal action in a space, which should be regulated to bring content or commercialize products or goods under the rules of law. Nobody should be treated as a slave, especially women who had been fighting hard enough in the last fifty years against this type of misconstruction of their being


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