“Designing is always related to find new solutions for people’s problems”


Speaking with Friedericke, a young student of Industrial Design at RMIT, we found an interesting approach to her career. It was not her first choice at school but she has found a sense of fulfillment while working in developing and creating concepts through her studies. Between the obstacles she had been tackling through almost three years, she recalled testing the prototypes like the harder because sometimes you would find a solution that it might seem for others like a problem. When she compared her previous work in other school with her classes in Australia, she found the most common problem is being able to communicate effectively in a team because not everyone would perceive your solution like the best possible outcome. Meanwhile, she has developed more projects by herself at RMIT because the program worked in that way while she is taking her classes here.

For discovering more about her interests and preparation, we let you know her through basic Q&A.

What do you like the most about your career?

I like that it goes more in an artistic direction so it is not so technical like I did before. It is a new experience, I am still not sure if I like it or if I do not like it because my previous approach in Europe was centered in the technical approach. It is really good and important for giving a solution. What I did before was more strategic with research when we are developing a new prototype and then, testing it. Then improve it and search for people’s responses and opinions. It is not the fun thing, for me it was really annoying but I like the artistic approach. It is a different kind of design, it is not so functional.

Have you any type of idea for what type of company you would like to work in?

I am not quite sure yet because there are so many opportunities. You could work for automobile industry. I would be able to work in fashion design. I am not doing that career but there would be a possibility. I could do furniture or web design. You could do all these types of works because you work in strategic and approach. I am still figure it out and working in different projects and learning about all the possibilities.

My preferences are not being stick to one particular topic. I have the opportunity to do different things.

What has been the most difficult tasks?

It is a hard question, perhaps, when you meet someone who works in different ways and it is hard to share and organize  everything before the deadline, which used to be three days so it is completely crazy sometimes. It is difficult and you have to find yourself for being clear while you are working with a team.

What are your career’s goals?

After I’ ll finish my Bachelor, I would like to work for a specific place. There are a lot of young design studios which possess a playful approach to design. After I finish my Master, I would like to start my own company. Maybe, if I had the opportunity and there is a good environment, I would like to work for a big company but for me it is important to have a nice working environment and people open to wild ideas. That is pretty important, more than a bigger or smaller company. To have a playful approach to design. I really like to have an environment like Google with the slide.

Do you miss something from your country?

So far not really, I am kind of use to not living in my country because I have been living in Netherlands for three years, where even it is not complete different but there is not like I could miss many things. The language is easy because my courses are in English and if I have any type of trouble to understand I speak in English.

“I like the part when you have a brief and then you develop a concept for that kind of problem or the product do you need to develop. You are basically saying what kind of product do you actually need to fulfill or develop  for people. Then I like the part where you need to have do research and what are the problems that people would have and making all the connections and finding a way back to what you want to prepare with the product for mass-production is the most exciting”

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