Under the light of the blue moon in Melbourne

The moon had inspired songs, movies, poems, comics’ stories, paintings, novels, legends and fairy tails. Beyond its power to change the sea and let people still believe that their behavior would be modify under its influence. The most interesting about this satellite is the way human used to put their eyes on it through time and this is something that changed our perception about it.

The satellite inspired Asian for determining the characteristics of an individual in order to their birth date. In western culture it has been offering once and again enough inspiration to artists for creating stories inspired by the effects of the moon on men. Even in strange or scary stories of shape shifting or other transformations like women under the influence of a spell, aliens living there and coming to get sources from earth or other weirdest inventions from human minds. Meanwhile the most romantics like Paul Verlaine was inspired to write a beautiful poem in 1869, Claire de Lune or Moonlight which expressed:

Votre ame est un paysage choisi

Que vont charmant masques et bergamansques

Jouant du luth et dansant et quasi

Tristes sous leurs déguisements fantasques.

Tout en chantant sur le mode mineur

L´amour vainqueur et la vie oportune

Ils n´ont pas l´air de croire à leur bonheur

Et leur chanson se mele au clair de lune,

Au calme clair de lune triste et beau,

Qui a fait rever les oiseaux dans les arbres

Et sangloter d´extase les jets d´eau

Les grands jets d´eau sveltes parmi les marbres.

Your soul is a chosen landscape

Where charming masqueraders and bergamaskers go

Playing the lute and dancing almost

Sad beneath their fanciful disguises.

All sings in minor key

Of victorious love and the opportune life,

They do not seem to believe in their good luck

And their song sounds down with the moonlight,

With the still moonlight, sad and beautiful,

That sets the bird dreaming in the trees

And the fountains sobbing in ectasy,

The tall slender fountains among marble statues.

Keeping with the spirit from people who find their inspiration in the moonlight for creating fascinating stories through centuries using their skills to compare human atributes with those identify like part of the satellite in plays or novels, such as Shakeaspeare did when two of his most famous characters exchanged their promises of affection. In this case, the young and beautiful Juliet, who express in Romeo&Juliet: “O swear not by the moon, th’ inconstant moon, That monthly changes in her circle orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable,” when she prefer do not listen the promises of her lover under any type of dubious words. Without doubts, the moon has been used in different cultures like an example of a feminine force, which is variable and possess a relevant effect in everything around itself. If we thought about History, it even inspired the space race between Rusia and United States, which promote the development of different technologies.

Yes, the desire of men to be there let us enjoy satellite TV after NASA need to communicate with astronauts. Also the artifact, which let me write and upload these simple words online, called laptop. The first was created by William Moggridge in 1979. Same origins for  the dust buster, the joystick, satellite navigation and virtual reality, among other creations were created for putting the first man on the moon. We are in debt with this satellite from Pluto and back!

The event

In the last night of July, I found a special invitation from Melbourne University Astronomical Society in my newsfeed, I went to the place with friends, the best part was finding more people interested in watching the famous blue moon, which used to confuse everyone because there is not presence of a blue hue associated to the moon when you watch it, like most of the people is expecting every time they hear about the change in the moon.

The original name appeared because this happen every two years and seven months. It means that the normal number of full moons in a season is three not four. That is why is considered like an attractive situation and great to share with other lovers of the sky. After becoming members of the team, we have enough time to pay for our membership, enjoy pizza and a beverage with those around us.

Surround by people from different ages, cultural background, academic interests, we could enjoy the time to see Jupiter like part of the event. The night was cold, some people was trying to take pictures from the telescope. The model could not be more special, a tiny image of Jupiter was perfect. Watching the stars is similar to visit a museum, you are just watching the past, sort of common activity for human beings because we only are able to do things in the present and expect the best outcome for the future. Sometimes, we had been using it like an interesting approach for finding responses, ancient cultures put their eyes on the sky searching for answers, looking for goddess, understanding how our planet moves in the heaven for finding signals which changed their future, and in the most extreme cases to find where the end would appear.

While using this time to show the place to my ex roommate, I saw people interchanged ideas, comments or tried to get in the waiting list for the next camp to watch the stars. Besides, others were trying to get information about different activities created by this group. Even when not everybody was firmly sure about what exactly they are going to do in the next meeting, they looked interested in the experience. Thirty minutes later, the telescope was showing the image of the brightly blue moon showing its History. There, we have no libraries, storytellers, stories, a language or something similar but the marks of the moon let us know many things about what had happened there before, like the signs from different impacts on its surface because the moon has not erosion –impossible without atmosphere–. Also, it was not common to find a process known as tectonics, which let rocks being transformed like in Earth, and the lack of volcanic flows to change its surface, let us observe a satellite, which has not changed. Every time you look at it, it would help you to see it comparing how you have changed since the last time you watched it. Two and seven months is a good period for this time of rediscovering between you and the moon.

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