The refugees, the pictures, the media and the forgotten one…

I have listened and spoken about boats crossing the Mediterranean sea since two or three years when I was studying French. I understood developed countries’ citizens vision about this situation, which explained their decision against offering support to refugees from countries like Syria. Their vision was mainly attached to the lack of responsibility from governments letting their citizens left their countries and what they perceived as strangers’ invasion taking advantages from their National services.

However, a few weeks ago, the image of a dead little children lying on a Turkish beach was the most outrageously and dramatic call of attention for an unstoppable crisis, which is just getting worst day after day. The discussion about what was happening in Europe has changed, the governments are discussing about what type of quotas they should manage and some politicians are using History for supporting their vision and decisions for managing this situation. The main question for them is still the same, Why does anybody understand that we are not able to rescue every person running away from its country?

The time has passed and now what we see it is one of the worst tragedies of migration to developed countries. Everybody talked about the past, how History and Cultural heritage should inspire others to fight their wars but the truth is they had allies while the menace approached to their lands. People had received support for confronting the worst experience in their lives but the main issue is Bashar al-Assad, nobody has expressed or support any plan about to transform a leader’s vision, who is focus in his political power but never interested in providing security to their citizens.

The strengthening of groups like Islam State with an Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front are part of this situation, which is a bigger menace against peace in Syria and overseas. Journalists, governments, citizens, countries were more interested  in migration issues or what we could define as the consequences from this conflict but the causes had not been attacked or solved while they are trying to manage the chaos of people arriving to their coasts, who were confronting the worst traumas and problems while running away from violence, abuse and war.

Why does everybody so concern about migrants? But not the reasons behind the situation. They are just trying to have a better life out of their countries, if their countries were not a place full of dangerous, aggressive and violent conflicts, they would probably stay there. The question is when will governments decide to transform the real issues in Assad’s government? Confronting the issue would not be an easy choice but how long developed countries will be able to give protection to scared people?, It is illogical that we keep watching how people lost their children, houses and lives while someone is controlling Syria without any relevant interested than staying in his role, avoiding his responsibility to give a safe place for Syrian citizens.

We should not accept that younger generations getting attach of being part of  violent and dangerous conflicts because that is the right thing to do. Perhaps, our vision about what is happening is a mistake. People has the right of being treated as citizens in their own countries.They should have better options than just choose between die crossing the ocean or being killed in their countries.

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