Meeting the marvelous details of 3D printing (1st part)

All the things happening in the last weeks had been an interesting approach of an excellent number of possibilities for Melbourne. The first event was a 3DayStartUp initiative to make students how to analyze new needs in society and offer services through different alternatives. I meet a lot of people, who were completely interested in keeping their interest and sharing their vision about what they were trying to develop with a team.

I talked to a young American name Alexis, she was an advisor in a short seminar of Introduction to Design. She was really happy and excited about this opportunity for interchanging information about supporting different projects promoted by young entrepreneurs. While she was defining the right balance between a good creative process and action as necessary elements of new companies, the talk later was mainly about a detail that everyone used to forget, the value of team work.

Without doubts, the most important element for creating something amazing or at least interesting is the team. Without it, everything is more complicated and sometimes even the best ideas could get lost in the middle of fragmented vision about what should have done. It does not only happen in bigger companies like we everyone read in media. It happened also in little companies. A few days later, I went to 3D Printing showcase and I met and listened to Doctor Peter Choong, who worked in his own words “with a team” to create extraordinary substitutes of bones for patients with cancer. It was incredible finding an excellent use of technology, science and medicine to give people better treatments for their diseases.

He explained how everyone must consider how the adjustments created by any expert in areas like Bio – Engineering, Medicine, Design, Science, among others areas involved to change health services. If experts will keep working in this way, the solution and treatment for chronic diseases would be faster and more efficient. However, all the professionals were completely honest about this type of transformation demand more money because all the elements involved have a cost. My personal interest is not decreasing the satisfaction about changes like this in medical issues, It is more about giving others a chance for asking more questions.

Even when it is something new, what he shows is how different areas of knowledge could converge to create better solutions for health issues. An interesting topic was how children could have better options while confronting similar problems, especially, when they have suffered from this type of situation for long time. Of course, there were other applications for 3D Printing, which are not less amazing, I started with this because it is something I really appreciated as something meaningful.

Later, I saw other ways for using this process while I was asking questions about  differences between which type of thermoplastic material is better. One made of BSP  or other created using Polylactic Acid (PLA) plastic. He explained as the main difference the odor while you are working, in the first case, you would not have problems if you have only one machine in your place but if you have a group, you probably need a good ventilation to keep the smell as a tolerable element. Meanwhile PLA is the ‘trendy’ material now so everybody is using this particular product for its characteristics, like you will need high temperature, there are plenty colors. However, it could become soft when the last creation is in contact with high temperatures and keep easily more humidity.

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