The role of media for building cultural image

In the third semester of my Master, I spent some time reading about the issues for Muslim people in Australia to pray to their God. If I need to express an  honest opinion, I went to Church with family members more often than by myself on Sundays. However, it is really annoying that a group of citizens have not time or the chance to express their beliefs. Even when I understand the interest of keeping an environment without clashes provoked by different religions. I believe we are getting influence for an endless negative perception of Muslim religion and practitioners after the actions of extremists from ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, among other groups, interested in making themselves known by violent actions promoted behind a brand of terror, lack of respect for human lives while fighting to re-gain  a lost power.

I believe in some sort of way we are giving them what they want when we start to fear every action from Muslim citizens whom are not engaged in this type of practice or action. In that sense, media should not give a better interpretation of the meaning of people living this type of faith beyond the thirsty attitude for power expressed through bloody videos made by a group of irrational group inspired by fanaticism. Undoubtedly, they must behave about the law and if they have religious practices, which are really noisy, they probably need to find the right place to do without affecting the peace in nearby neighborhoods.

However, stopping them to have the right to pray is really something against what Australian law expressed. They are not experiencing freedom for practicing their faith. In this case, this is an interesting opportunity for giving a chance to Government and community to find a way of sharing a better understanding, feeling less fear and knowing more about Muslim practitioners.  It is possible to develop a plan or project, which let both parts satisfy to protect the Law for urban planning, security of citizens and the rights protected by Australian Constitution.

Perhaps, media should play a deep role to change the dynamic of how some citizens perceive practitioners from different beliefs in Australia. Furthermore, giving more information about the differences in Western societies influence by Cosmopolitanism would give less suspicion inside any community creating more interesting interchange without expecting citizens had a negative perception of their neighbors.

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