A woman was winning a race!!!

In the last weeks, media was exposing for the first time the story of a woman winning one of the most famous horse races in Melbourne, Australia. Everything was completely out of control, nobody expected a dark horse taking all the glory from a race like that. Michelle Payne changed the history of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Even the end of the event got some comments in media because nobody expressed an exaltation about the role of this woman inside this competition. Undoubtedly, the best moment in her career was an unexpected event for organizers, they were very calm through the last ceremony for giving her the coup. Perhaps,  shocked by an amazing situation.

The black swan appeared that day and without my debit card I was not able to see an important moment for women in Melbourne. I missed in a blink of my eyes, which were completely opened during the last weeks while I finished my assessments at the library. I did not see the purpose to see the career if I would think all the time about the assessment I need to finish for one of my classes. When I read on my mobile about the success of this female I could not be more happy about something so cheesy as “Girl Power”-even when the word was rejected by some groups as a definition to keep women observed as weak members in a group, this comment did not extinguish the value of power, which provides enough sense to any word you put next to it as women, men, government, social, among other words.

I do not know what Payne could even feel while doing it. I had some of her printing words in my mind at this moment after reading some articles about her experience as professional in this field, and as anyone could expect or imagine her race to that place was not only a magical situation, she worked hard while training. Also, as a female, she must face more obstacles while she was trying to conquer the prize as the best jockey with Prince of Penzance.

Her words were completely precise to describe what is going on “It’s such a chauvinistic sport, a lot of the owners wanted to kick me off.” For a second I would like to believe that this only happened in horse races but as any female could understand that happens in every single context of our society, which does not mean that we need to accepted or looking it like something normal. As every women in different contexts had seen it is relevant to keep exploring the ways to overcome this division in our societies, where women could be criticized just for their gender meanwhile the vision about men’ s response would be more comprehensive for male members in positions of power.

Undoubtedly, her interview for The Guardian exposed once and again the vices from societies who diminish the value of women, which is astonishingly similar in power and effort as any male, sometimes even more because it needs to overcome the common paradigms and expectations about women’s ability to conquer different goals.

For me that day was special. I missed Michelle’s glory. A well-deserved cup by the way, after seeing all the personal experiences she confronted as person in her family and in the field. She is a good example of effort, courage and love for what she does. In my opinion, she should not even think of retiring, Michelle just trying to winning again. Give to the organizers a chance to prepare a proper winning ceremony!

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