La Toilette, oil on board 1896. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Painted by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Women’s talent in media industry

Since Kardashian name appeared in media for becoming slowly in one of the most popular brands for television. The comments and critical opinions about how the family manage their issues have been exposed continuously to the TV shows for attracting the attention of the American and international audience. Particularly, for artists, writers, producers, creators, among different participants in cultural industries around the world. Many experts still cannot believe how every family’s member has been exploring a personal transformation in front of the camera. Also, the success through being reality stars and their commercial relations with different brands. Everything has been so extreme that now, it is a popular topic of discussion from experts in media as Oprah Winfrey, Rebel Wilson to Vogue’s director, Ann Wintour, who appeared giving their personal opinions about the relation of this family with media.

When journalists from newspapers or magazines expressed their questions and doubts about how this group of women had transformed the industry of being famous for being famous in an impressive model of luxury start-up, which attracted all kind of jokes, serious discussion, interest and support from different people. We cannot ignore that they changed what should had been a simple tale of a family scandal in a family business. After listening or reading comments from experts  in the media, who express all the time how unpleased they feel about Kardashian family’s fame as something, which had not had enough style or glamour. Especially, for appearing in what has been defined as cover girl allure or  women, who could be the image for Luxury brands. However, she did it. In some sort of way changing the model of what we define as attractive. The interesting part is the reason for their popularity. For example, the most common attack against Kim was bringing back the story of her instant fame. It is common to find people interested in reminding once and again the infamous story about the videotape. However,  as we had seen in the last year,  audience faced the fact of being exposed without consent in media or Internet is not anymore a celebrity’s problem.  In some sort of way, the last scandal with

The controversial part is the reason for their popularity. For example, the most common attack against Kim was bringing back the story of her instant fame. It is common to find people interested in reminding once and again the infamous story about the videotape. However, as we had seen in the last year, audience faced the fact of being exposed without consent in media or Internet is not anymore a celebrity’s problem.  In some sort of way, the last scandal with Jennifer Lawrence as the most famous face victim of Hackers, who exposed her nude pics letting everyone understands the reasons behind this kind of horrible experience. Later she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, where she claimed that if a woman did not give her consent to take part in the porn industry, it must be exposed as a crime.

Then, many voices started to criticize Kim with comments like “She had not talent, she hadn’t been doing something artistic, What is the reason for people interested in watching this TV show?” I recognize that I am not a fan but I watch the show and sometimes, they are funny and let people forget for a while about difficult situations or issues. I think it is possible that somebody else could experience the same at some point. In few words, if it is not the purpose of Entertainment Industry, what would it be?

When we need to make questions about being famous for nothing, which I heard continuously. It only gave me the chance to believe in the idea expressed by a famous Warhol: “If anyone would have 15 minutes of fame”. Does anyone just give her back to it? Well, we know that Kim Kardashian had given it more than once and it was considered as “breaking the Internet”.

It is not a joke. It is more about how she has taken advantage of this situation. Forgetting for a minute the muse of reality TV. My purpose is focused on trying to understand the clash of ideas between things that we like and dislike at the same time. Something common in the faster space of cultural industries and social media. We cannot  deny that anyone with enough luck to get the attention of an audience with their bodies, ideas, talents, or skills. Sooner or later, this person will use it as a medium to have more money.

If someone expressed they would never support something like that, that person it is lying. An opportunity of getting more money, it is not something that people would like to ignore. Especially, when charisma is something these sisters have and it is one of the most important elements to let others perceive you as having enough probabilities to make your style and work part of a famous brand, which has been used wisely since the beginning of Kim’s career. Everybody remembers when she appear as a friend of Paris Hilton, the queen of being famous for being famous. She started this industry.

Of course, there are plenty questions about if it is right that female’s representation on media will be attached to the concept of objectification. However, the doubts about Kardashian’s family success in media is more complex. Especially, when they had exposed dramatic experiences like Caitlyn Jenner‘s decision to transform himself into a woman. I think in some sort of way they expose their personal matters, extravagant details that we usually prefer to keep as part of our private lives.

The participants, in reality, could express their discomfort about audience’s criticism and how they expected characteristics of a family’ s experiences without being  exaggerated but the truth is they are probably the best representation of modern families and difficult issues, which members of modern families face in their lives. They were lucky enough to attract and keep American and International’ s audience attention. This audience has a particular interest in  family’s relations. I did not believe that people are trying to defend counter-values. It is more about looking how Kardashian’s family exposed a lack of perfection, the conflicts, the problems, the crisis, without missing the most important part of a family, a group of people, who always made you feel part of the group without questions.

In that sense, I think this family is able to be analyzed as part of media and the effect it had had on any audience. Without doubts, there are still many families without experiencing these difficult experiences, which would not let them live inside of a twister full of journalists, media, tv shows following them for what they represent. However, we know that our world is not so simple and easy as it was. We live in ‘hurry lives style”. Scared of terrorists, strange and contagious diseases, extreme measures to protect children from violence but they had a TV set and a computer in their room, among other things. In that sense, we need to understand what is behind the screen and around us.

The female body

La Toilette, oil on board 1896. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Painted by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
La Toilette, oil on board 1896. Painted by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

The discourse about how female bodies had been, once and again, used in media to sell things at this moment could be boring. However, I believe that today woman has more opportunities to control what is going on with their bodies online and out of screen, if you compare what happened in the past when media was mainly interested in guiding women to know how and where they could get the right beauty products, clothes, shoes and perfumes  for  pleasing her boyfriend. I believe that everybody is trying to offer a better understanding of the risks of exposing your image, body and life online. This is a way of providing women with more control over the image, and at the same time, a way to stop people of being victims. Especially, when women ar fighting more about their values and desire. Undoubtedly, it is not reasonable when someone else took away that decision from women.

Although the case of some exposed women without them got any profit from it or giving their permission -sometimes men get exposed in similar conditions too-, I believe it had changed a bit for women, who had enough support for controlling and using their sexuality under their own rules. Even if it is for commercial purposes to attract an audience or selling things. For example, they are promoting songs, movies, shows, clothes, books, websites, among others things.

Even if it is common that others prefer to take a critical view of someone using her body to get more attention; the truth is in a Neo-liberal market is basic to support any talent with attractiveness and allure. I know it is unfair but it is how the system works and it is nothing new. As an illustration, my fave Kardashian, Khloe, is an example of how women need to increase their physical attractiveness to have more opportunities. Also, being rated as desirable, popular and attractive are characteristic for conquering working goals. Everybody likes to say this is a shallow perception of what a woman must pursuit as part of her values. Personally, I am not against the beauty industry but I think we made a huge mistake when we let buying beauty become the only important aspect of female identity or skills. That is when female’s role is misconstructed in the social sphere.

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