No sunset after Paris attacks

I could not be more shocked after waking up last morning and seeing the terrorist attacks in Paris. It was overwhelming, particularly, when I was trying to figure out how a city, which represent a lot of culture and important values for humanity. Especially, in the sense of their philosophers interested in a different approach between classes after executing the most important people in Aristocracy in the times of the last infamous Louis XVI. Undoubtedly, a call against the excess from people in power. That representation of their character attracted more than once people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures. In my case, everything begun with The three musketeers, later different authors as Victor Hugo, Hemingway, Dickens, among others guided me in my youth years to discover more about that city. My feelings got confused when I was seeing on my screen more and more information of people running away or keeping captivated by a group of fanatics from ISIL. After all, I was planning a similar trip as one of the victims probably was doing at that time. I was choosing the places I had visited through pages, once and again, and suddenly those places were getting inside a malevolent plan created for a group searching a bloody purpose of spreading the most terrible and sad aspect from of human History, provoked by religious persecution. Even when ISIL actions  influenced from mistakes in International Politics, like American intervention in Iraq for searching mass destruction arms; or the uncontrollable situation in Syria provoking millions of citizens running away from their countries to avoid being killed. It is impossible to deny that this attitude has been mainly inspired by extreme religious principles, which are guiding a group supporting everything against the meaning of Western societies. Everything they made by what they see as well as a Political purpose, and glorious and meaningful actions from their future nation.

 Under these circumstances, this is the most scaring thing, I do not believe Western societies or others possessed at this moment a similar approach to the topic, particularly, when there is not interest to make them feel powerful by the sense that they could make this type of insane desire for making a prophecy a reality. However, the rational way of thinking from Western and civilized countries could not be enough for a group uninterested in peaceful share of relations between societies interested in promoting different values. In that sense, there would be a lot of work to do, with special attention for taking any measure to combat this type of extremism, especially, inside Cosmopolitan societies. If these people are really convinced of conquering what once belonged to their communities, Europe would not have peace soon. The real conflict is what Spinoza found as a regular conflict between groups who get connected with a particular vision from Faith, where God controls everything,  fanatics’ vision motivated and inspired by these thought, they are only trying to made what God expected from them, this is as Spinoza experienced in his time the most difficult aspect because societies interested in taking actions motivated by Rationalism would never be driven and obsessed by an ideology without thinking in the possibilities of future damage. In my opinion, it is not anymore about good guys or bad guys, we are confronting a return of medieval values, in that sense we are seeing a new group trying to end what their minds recognized like a new Rome. If it is the only thing they are trying to keep alive, I feel fear about how we could end when this group is trying to get power at any cost. They do not care how many citizens are killed while they can reach their purposes or establishing good relations with foreign powers.

What they understand is a literal vision of God’s rage against what represents a threat to their future Caliphate reign. The answer is not providing them with their purposes getting accomplished through Western political response, however, a passive action would not stop them, and in some sort of way this fear which influenced the actions and activities inside other systems is transforming and changing Western values. Societies are becoming more and more controlled and scared of different attitudes when they must face an external threat like this. How societies would be benefit by interactions between different actors and cultures in societies. And now the questions about who could be trusted inside Western societies and how will we recognize possible traitors, it is one of the scariest and at the same time the most important aspect after the craziness provoked by extremists in Paris. How are we going to avoid a witch hunt? Especially, when we know that is not truth that everyone is a radical in the practice of their faith. We are really ready to lose more liberty in our environments for groups interested in destroying the right of others for practicing different religious beliefs. Civil society should organize themselves to stop any possibility for groups like these overcome obstacles to destroy a different system. Media should support communities to avoid the increase of hate between different groups inside Western societies and Governments should improve their security system. What happened in Paris showed that technology is a new weapon for making terrorist attacks, especially, recognizing citizens who support ISIL actions in Western countries.Furthermore, there are more reasons to avoid changing who we are.

In this context, the purpose of understanding the value of different religions and the real meaning behind Faith could not be more relevant in Cosmopolitan societies, especially, when the interchange between members of different communities is usual. The comprehension about the meaning of God, at this time, should not endanger citizens lives. In every possible way of human comprehension a negative attitude towards others beliefs will threat a peaceful development of social relations of different groups. The extremists did not analyze God’s concept inspired to interpret the similar aspects of nature and God, which could be supported by Physics. The only perception they had about their role in God’s plan is doing a reality what the sacred pages of their books expressed. There is not analysis, it is what we understand as blind faith, they perceived themselves as makers of God’s will, which is, as History shows, one of the most strong aspects from faith for doing good or evil things. The questions related to who is taking responsibility about what is happening in Syria and countries from this zone is the main topic to solve the crisis. Without enough actions to control what is happening with terrorists groups in that zone, the opportunities to diminish the risks could fade from global leaders’ hands.

Even after a terrible attack, different countries, organizations, communities and groups inspired by the positive side of human beings were able to express their sadness, discomfort and sadness through the only possible way, exposing the values and support towards a society bleeding for an illogical way of manifest discomfort. There is no way to extinguish the positive aspect from any culture. Inspired by this feeling everyone exposed France’s colors in their cities. Undoubtedly, Eiffel Tower and Paris gave us a light, which could not be extinguish by a senseless radicalism from religious fanaticism.

I was trying to watch the sunset with a group of foreigners in Melbourne. That afternoon the sun was hidden beneath the clouds. I only could remind that God use to let the sun shines over good and evil people, yesterday, I thought even God feel mortified by Paris situation. The sun was not there and we only watched in silence while our minds probably cannot still process the lack of humanity in ISIL actions.

Lights installed at the MGC to show Victoria's support for the attacks in France. Rossana Naveda.
Lights installed at the MGC to show Victoria’s support for the attacks in France.

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