Refugees seeing the darkest times.

The questions about Digital Humanities after the Terrorist Attack in France

After reading all type of framings for Paris Attacks last week from Political measures to confront ISIL to the most interesting approach for making citizens aware about Historical origins of an International threat provoked by different interests and actors interchanging different values or commercial control over this area even before the famous Crusades.

In this context, where citizens had been experiencing an amount of uncontrolled feelings towards everything around them, specially the information related for offering protection to refugees in different countries has raised as one of the most interesting and relevant questions about the humanitarian role of countries suffering this type of attacks, which even when somebody could remark the economic purpose behind it, I really believe that religious fanaticism is the real threat because it convinced a person to do this type of actions without thinking in someone else but their mission.

The only goal they possess as “makers of terror” is being committed to a religious belief in God’s plan, which let them be part of a highest plan. Perhaps, this is the type of analysis that new researchers should establish for welcoming refugees when they suspect that terrorists are trying to get inside any Western country using Muslim or War refugees as part of their plan to do harm in a different country. Also, it would be interesting to determine how the use of digital information from previous refugees will play an important role in this situation. Furthermore, it is not only about determining their roots but how their interactions with their families in original countries will evolve while they are living in a new country, and how the perception from new society will affect the psyche of refugees running away from conflict.

Sometimes the missing point is not the construction of identity from one place to another but the conflict between values of different societies and the influence in the refugees’ minds, especially, the youngest. Adults must perceive situations in different ways but those citizens who are building their comprehension of the world should not be stigmatized as possible threats but their interactions between different societies and values would have an important role in their comprehension of substance -as Spinoza explained-, or giving different meanings to the experiences they have in a new environment.

We cannot deny the force behind confronting messages from different cultural backgrounds. It would be possible to trace their information for being sure they had not previous interaction with people who are trying to destroy, damage or vandalism as we had seen in the “quartiers” and streets from Paris. The questions about the new risks from using technology as encryption to protect the action of terrorist in developed countries has been one of the worst signs of weakness in security system and undoubtedly, it is going to be one of the most important elements to avoid…

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Refugees seeing the darkest times.
Refugees seeing the darkest times.

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