Katniss and Primrose Everdeen

The emptiness from Hunger Games (spoilers)


Katniss ready to play one more time a new version of Hunger Games.
Katniss ready to play one more time a new version of Hunger Games.

The first two books were really exciting, I started the third before arriving to a new country and I have never known that the last film is really sad. Yes, I could not forget how many lives were taken once and again from Katniss life throughout the craziness of Hunger Games but in the last movie watching disappear her sister was, without doubts, the hardest. Her journey is difficult in this last film, perhaps, she must observe how her original purpose and the real goal she had in mind when she offered herself as volunteer to replace her sister was not enough to change the fate of Prim. I thought in that sense, fans could feel sadness at the end.

Particularly, when she is not able to accomplish her real original desire, protect her sister. I thought in that sense she discover the value of her decisions and her actions against the women who was trying to keep the same type of society. In this case, we feel the same melancholy and shock of contemplating the real motor behind Katniss Everdeen’s choices. In her psyche the only thing she really wants it is a different place for her sister and her family. Nothing else is more important for her. When she faces the situation as completely unchangeable she decided to exterminate the main source of power behind this reality. At least, there would be more possibilities to all the people living after the Revolution against Panem. I do not believe she is out of her mind during her choice, she only practice what she believes since the first book. Protecting other young lives from similar cynical practices in Panem or other Political System.

In that sense, she was trying to have more possibilities to their descendants. It is a choice of survival, which is the primary source of human development in the world before law, political systems or other philosophical or artistic influences get in the middle of human development. Other aspect, which made this chapter harder to see is becoming a witness of how Panem kill one more time popular and charismatics participants of the Games. I guess, after admiring their skills and supportive attitudes for each other, this was the cruelest thing for me. I shared Jena Malone’s character feelings when I found that I need to see how more winners disappear.

However, all stories must end and in the case of Katniss, she was lucky enough to survive all the craziness from Panem, what makes her different is she was trying to think in others while she was making decisions. Most of the time, she lives in that way, which made her life complicated and twisted. Undoubtedly, this made her a true leader. There was not an original sense for searching power for herself, the only power she searches for was motivated by ending The Games.

Of course, her life will be always perceived as a threat for everyone, that is the reason behind their allies interested, at one point, in using her. In the book, written by Suzanne Collins, she changed the rules of a game, which inspired more than one individual in different communities from thirteen different districts.

She knew since the beginning of her triumph that her life was undoubtedly seem as a possible threat or as an example to inspire others like her. In that sense, what her role represented was how politicians applied her charismatic attractiveness -in the sense of someone who is admired by others living in similar conditions- as part of political strategies supporting different groups.

She suffered a transformation of becoming a famous character inside the games made by Cinna and Haymitch, Panem and other districts but her humanity and stubborness are the characteristics, which made her different since the beginning of this story while she played different roles for promoting interests of previous or new leaders. That is the reason behind her cold and shocked face every time she confront her mortality because she knew since the beginning that her attitude towards people in power will always put her in an uncomfortable situation.

Even though there is someone who was able to move her feelings out of this lack of spontaneity: Peeta. Perhaps, the reaction was influenced by untrustworthy interactions they shared through the Games, both trying to protect themselves from the insanity of other tributes, The Capitol, their districts, their fans, their haters… while playing the role of star-crossed lovers. This interaction made them get closer and know more about the other. An intimacy, which was harder to find with Gale during the Games, especially, when he always feel himself as the third element in this relation provoking a perception of weakness for his character on screen.

Peeta after trying to kill Katniss.
Peeta after trying to kill Katniss.

Everything is supposed to work as it happens in Politics, the alliance between different groups, the betrayal, surprise, among other elements and characteristics from daily politics across the world. The role of President Snow is particularly scary and sad. The truth is he did not expect to survive the last games but he desires the tributes neither do it so his attitude is really sincere and he looks less cynical. He looks more like a leader trying to use his last chance to be remembered as someone who did everything to maintain an old-system working.

We cannot doubt that he knew that everything will eventually change. However, when he sees the reality of Katniss ready to kill him but she changed her mind in the last frame. The glorious effect in his face by the surprise that she acted in a different way  while she decided to kill President Coin in his place. Undoubtedly, if someone asked me about the interactions between Katniss and President Coin, their dialogues possess the most interesting energy and tension in every movie. Donald Sutherland, had not lost his abilities to surpass viewers’ expectations and he is, in one word, magnificent.

Donald Sutherland. www.screenrant.com
Donald Sutherland


I think Francis Lawrence and Mrs. Collins are successful while telling this story, they provided viewers and readers a complete journey. Perhaps, the sensation of emptiness in the cinema after Katniss expressed the type of horrible games she had played in the past are worst than her new talent to express, once and again, an old story that almost killed her. It is her way to remind the people she missed and the way to keep an oral tradition alive. Thinking about novels I have read or other stories that someone has told me before, which could not give a happy ending, they always let you with the same sensation because you missed particular characters at the end. Meanwhile Peeta and Katniss’ children represent the hope for a different future and an invitation to new stories, which we are not sure if  they are going to be written.

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