The risks of radical views

After media had been exposing different angles and stories after Europe faced ISIL threat in the last weeks. The fear inside communities with Muslim citizens was moved by the attacks. Some groups as Reclaim Australia and Pro-democracy started to expose the situation in their communities as a moment where Muslim communities could represent a threat for peaceful interactions inside different societies, where we can find many practitioners of this faith one more time as possible suspects. Undoubtedly, it is impossible to ignore the need of a safe space for developing interactions between different religious groups across the world, especially, when fear has been introduced through violent attacks perpetrated by religious extremists in Europe in the last weeks.

It is common to find voices, which should gain strength, to increase the comprehension and differences between Muslim and religious radicalism as well as tolerance of religious beliefs. In countries like Australia this would be easier, especially when they Legal system protect citizens’ rights to practice different religions. Extremists political positions used to affect the possibilities for Civil Society to increase the security, if we start to attack or discriminate some groups for their beliefs, it will only provoke that they need to search for attachment or support out of their main groups. Then, it is possible that they can start to feel fear of future threats from supporters of Radical Conservatism towards Muslim, which only increase the possibilities of violence, hostile attitudes and untrustworthy interactions. Provoking inner instability, when this could be one of the most relevant factors to confront uncivilized threat from external groups, you could name them Al-Qaeda, ISIL, or new lines of Muslim extremists terrorists.

In that sense, Governments, corporations, and social groups from different religions or political backgrounds are called to be pragmatic and wise about how they interact inside their communities. It is easy to let fear   dominate our lives confronting different groups inside small or big communities,  even when it is not right this type of reaction because this path only increase the opportunities for extremists to get inside any country and affect it. When citizens increase hostilities between them, it is more difficult for members of security departments to provide better control because their attention is diffuse in multiple confrontations at the same time. When they must apply that attention, sources and officers in offering more security to citizens from external or real threats.

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