Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes in the middle of “Scandal” for Olivia Pope’s abortion

Last year I wrote an essay about women and the usual discussion about their rights to choose between having an abortion or keeping the baby while they want to control their reproductive health. The topic is not new, while I have been living different experiences as teenager, young woman and adult I have seen different cases. One of the most uncommon places to see this type of situation was before starting my last year in high school. I remembered how the school kicked some students out for getting pregnant. At that time, I saw it as something really unfair against a group of young gals, who were probably scared of this situation. I did not say anything because the logical explanation we listened from authorities at that time was “What type of example they are giving to other students? Especially, when our institution taught religious and moral values, which  do not let us support things like sex before marriage or pregnant students into our classrooms. I saw it as an unfair action because they were young and they probably could do both roles: mothers and students”.

Even when there was not anything I could do to change my lack of rebellion at that time and I just watched everything as a mere student next to my classmates. I still feel that I should have said something against that decision. Yes, if they did something wrong it should have been their parents’ choice to decide what was the best for her daughter but I do not believe the school should close its doors with an excuse like a pregnant student could be the worst example for others. I remembered this story after watching a petition against Shonda Lynn Rhimes and her famous TV show program “Scandal” from ABC, where audience was exposed to a story, where the main character, Olivia Pope, had an abortion while the music from the hymn “Silent night” was played. Furthermore, at the end of the episode an Ave Maria’s melody was used while politicians defended Planned Parenthood in the episode.

Even when I truly believe that you need a family, especially, when the world is full of religious extremists in every corner of the world, whom are not interested in values, support, humanity, or anything similar while they are killing innocents. I signed because I believe in family as an important element of societies. However, I had a dubious experience while signing the petition because there are different stories about abortion and women in our world. I do not believe the framing chose by Shonda Rhimes showed something that it had been happening. As a viewer it is important to understand that this story would never represent all women’ stories, of course, there are many cases of women who prefer to keep their babies but sometimes what really provoked me curiosity is the reason for pushing  women to feel pressure in different societies against their choices and decisions when the best option is giving women enough sources to live without being used as political elements in the perpetual confrontation from Left or Right parties, or other organizations.

What if women had support for having their babies? I think that is more reasonable than stopping the option of letting them control their sexual decisions. Leaving women unprotected without health services must be illegal. Especially, when politicians see this option like something popular or good. The only thing politicians will provoke when they cut women’s health support is more negative effects in their relationships with their male partners, families, employers, and civil society. You diminish even more their power in a society when she is losing control over her life, reproduction and choices. The truth is women should not stop fighting about this right.

Undoubtedly, we have more important issues about gender and discrimination than trying to show them as selfish individuals when they opted for something that it is not expected in Patriarchal societies. As an illustration, women who are victims of sexual, psychological or physical violence in different fields in Australia or around the world. After seeing  Olivia Pope’s story with a particular framing Pro-abortion and supporting Planned Parenthood, which caused a calling of attention from different groups, I think what she exposed is part of a reality that we cannot deny. Although I would like to see more stories because I know women could provide different framings about their choices to face this dilemma.



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