Generations, change and climate


The sound of tambours helped to connect Melbournites with origins of men and earth, this was the best inspiration to keep up the spirit while  supporting a rally for environmental issues in Australia. More than 30,000 citizens found this opportunity to express their desire about changing Environmental policy in this country, especially, when it is one of the most important topics this week in Paris Climate Conference.

The rally begun outside  The State Library of Victoria. At the end more than 30,000 Melbournites kept singing and expressing their support for changing Climate policies in Australia.

The event let more than 300 organizations participated during a long journey for exhibiting their support for different causes. One of the members of Forest Working Group explained that Policy makers had not put excessive attention in this topic. Even when it is something that probably affect future generations in many ways.

Other relevant topic was the effects on Indigenous Community when their lands are taken to benefit corporations. During the evening the spokespersons decided to express how climate change will not consider racial, gender or social conditions, if we decide to be mere observers of the consequences we provoked with unconscious consumption of commodities without thinking about the future.

There is an opportunity to change International perception of Australian policies about Environment, especially when it  possess many Universities offering careers in this field to International Students. Even when it could see a little bit paradoxical, we could not deny that changes will made by organizations but they only will be accomplish if communities support them so it is time to make this desire a reality.


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