Taylor Swift rules in one of her last concerts from her 1989 tour

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It is not a secret that I found this concert really special. I have been Taylor Swift fan since her first album, Beautiful eyes, was released and we could listen Tim McGraw or Teardrops on my guitar. During these years I  made people liked her or hated me for repeating her songs one thousand times  like Hey Stephen or Our song, which even could be qualified by some ex-boyfriend of Taylor less cooler than other hits from 2008. Avoiding more comments, it was like something I was expecting as a fan of one of the few artists, who still could sell million of albums per year.

In Melbourne first 1989 concert, the audience enjoyed the voice from guest singer Vance Joy was a great surprise.
In Melbourne first 1989 concert, the audience enjoyed the voice from guest singer Vance Joy was a great surprise.

Undoubtedly, the most remarkable aspect is that you find in artists like Swift the possibility of an audience of little gals from 3 to beautiful grandmothers of 90 years-old, which made her easily recognized in different countries. The show was like a constellation, the lights appeared everywhere from her dresses, considering also our lightning bracelets,  fireworks during here performances, camera flashes, illuminating effects, all in the Rod Lavern Scenario, the sparkling sensation was the common and especial characteristic in this spectacle.

Lights were the best… Everyone was  transformed in a star. That was the message of her acquaintances as Jamie King, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, Lily Aldridge or Lena Dunham.

Other relevant aspect was seeing her friends talking about who she was while growing up. Especially, when it was linked with her passions: music and writing for her English class. Perhaps, it is the reason for finding details like this, out of her usual media representation in the past like a girl who only was trying to find a boyfriend to write songs. A negative point that was easily turn down through her own songs while she used to  play with hyperbole and sarcasm in a witty way. Throughout the screens  she enjoyed simple things in life like her cats, the famous Olivia and Meredith, cooking, sharing time with her friends, writing great songs and of course, thinking about what are the most important things in her life.

Most of her songs kept the same rhythm and melody except for changes in melodies of songs like We are never ever getting back together or when she decided to sing Love Story accompanied it by her playing a piano while everything around her looked like a fairy tale from The Little Mermaid. Her romantic performances did not stop her of showing her sexy side in playful songs like New Romantics, Blank Space, I know places and Style.

It is easy to recognize the transformation of Taylor Swift from her Country origins in a Pop star inside the show business. Especially, when many elements were inspired by New York, where most artist want to work in different aspects of Arts. Even though I truly believe her musical background gave her that laid-back, candid attitude and humble spirit, which is part of her best characteristics and gave her uniqueness. Now, she is what media used to define as a Superstar selling records as hot bread, participating as model of world famous brands and of course, creating a strong bond with other popular women in Fashion, Music, Film and Broadcasting industry.

Rain, huge paper airplanes and strong guitar rifts, a black-leather suit and other elements brought her strong side and electric aspects of her personality, which sometimes could let people forget her flower princess allure from one of my favorite songs Our song. This show was a journey to show her evolution from a country girl with a Midas touch to an awarded world famous song writer.

This magic inspiration from 80’s inspired and provoked happiness in her fans during her shows. I really believe she gave her best show while she was sharing her feelings and experiences, which could bring this feeling of quiet peace or cheering up your emotions any day in the modern times of a new millennium. Well, I think her fans and I will follow her light for long time.


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