Star Wars The force awakens is like going back home…

This time I tried not to read everything before watching the film. I used to go in the midnight like the biggest fan with my cousins or other people deeply interested in Star Wars, I have never been alone for watching a  but this time the experience was a little bit warm I guess for people who grew up with the first trilogy. Finding once and again great characters as Han Solo, Leia Organa or Luke Skywalker is fascinating, we missed them in the last trilogy, even when Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman and Hayden  Christensen accomplished the main goal through their performances. Catching the attention from a new generation of fans and giving more stories for always committed fans…

We see once and again Luke’s home. The place where all renegades and wild members of resistance visit at least once in a lifetime. We met Paul, a member of the resistance and Master of BB-8, an android with secret information to combat First Order, a new extremist group dedicated to dominate and control the old planets from The Famous Republic that we met in the previous Trilogy.

The main character Rey (Daisy Ridley) gave us an interesting approach, her journey is similar to Luke’s, someone who has not been in the eye of anyone Powerful, in or outside the Republic, she learnt to survive in the same conditions we watched Luke did it, or even worst. She could not have a family protecting her from danger. She is like a survivor in the middle of the dessert. She was leaved in this arid planet and she must learn to use her best abilities to overcome daily challenges. That is what makes her -No, the word is not beautiful even when she is beautiful (For those fans thinking in One Direction’ songs), that makes her the best candidate to be a Jedi… And it is amazing to find a strong women in this path.

In the middle of her journey she found an android BB-8 and a renegade Stormtrooper, Finn, who is a deserter and running away from the First Order. During this encounter we learn more from these characters, she is strong, independent but it does not make her acting like someone who lost her humanity, which happened usually with characters searching for Power or The Force in this story.

While they are trying to disappear from a First Order attack, which is organized to get back the little BB-8, the couple must steal the Millennium Falcon, stolen from Han Solo, there are things that never changed. And that is the precise minute, where you childish memories conquered the best of you. I had not doubt that J.J. Abrahams knew since the first moment that it was the perfect key for connecting the past with new characters.

Suddenly, we found Chewbacca and Han Solo again in the big screen and it is fascinating for viewers who are growing with these characters perceived how the time is running for everyone. The young Rey and Finn ended helping and protecting them in many ways, it shows the change from the previous generation to new blood in Star Wars saga. However, like everything in life, Han and Leia had missed her son Kylo Ren, who is trying to pursue the steps of her grandfather Darth Vader…

No matter how young, bad, powerful, old you are, everyone has fears. In the case of this character from the Dark side, his greatest fear is not being so powerful as her grandfather. Her parents fear never see him again and Rey, well, she does not fear him. She confronted and defeated him. However, she felt fear while she confronted who she is and what is her mission, like everybody used to feel at some point in a lifetime. And there is where the real meaning of this successful story has its origin, it is not difficult for anyone in different areas across the world to get an instant connection with this journey because sooner or later, we did it.

I do not want to give more details. Undoubtedly, lightsabers battle, combat in the space, the force and new secrets await for everyone in cinemas. This journey is so good as the first time we met Leia, Luke, C3PO, R2D2, Han Solo, Chewbacca and more…It has been one of the best awakenings I have seen… I probably watch it again.


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