12 Apostles: Entrepreneurship & Environment


The Great Ocean Road area is one of the riskier zones for bushfires. Australian community is always guided but required measures from countries around the world to develop highest control over the knowledge about environment protection and development of entrepreneurship and climate policy to create a better approach and results from industrial development in America, Oceania, Asia, Europe or Africa.

 After the meeting from International leaders, media writers were completely unsatisfied with the results. Of course, being critical made us forget that at least there is a commitment to transform and change our ways to produce and consume. Sometimes, I found that we keep calling the attention towards become conscious consumers but what about motivate investors to avoid the easiest path of caring less about environmental issues, while they are keeping practices only motivated by their desire for reducing costs and increasing profit in their annual reports.


In my opinion it is logical that management employees need to protect money and products for investors, shareholders and users but what is happening in Management schools, it is being aware of better ways of manufacturing linked to protectionism of environment part of coursework at University. Undoubtedly, promoting this among the citizens who have great ideas to perform them and capitalize with them, one of the greatest ideas but nowadays we still need more to generate not only a competitive market but one, which let us survive as part of different species in the world.

 There is not better opportunity to think about this type of changes than National Parks so finally, after the end of my third semester, I decided to visit the famous GREAT OCEAN ROAD. After watching beautiful cows and koalas, yes, you read it well BEAUTIFUL COWS… Yes, beautiful, I love them, they are peaceful, strong and if you try to hurt their sons, they could be very aggressive… but keeping the attention in our story about finding the Twelve Apostles after driving for almost five hours. I was sure that I enjoyed the long trip during  the first day with a temperature of 40 degrees in Melbourne. Even though, when we arrived I was pretty surprised with ocean’s temperature. Outside you feel like staying in the middle of a Saharan landscape but when you put your feet in the water, I could understand better why nobody was completely immersed in swimming. It feels like getting inside of a glass of water with ice melting so everybody takes the time to expose little parts of their bodies to these temperatures.

A sleepy Koala hanging on this tree. It is common that drivers hit them while they are trying to walk around the road.
Copyright:Rossana Naveda
Thinking before swimming…

 Undoubtedly, a beautiful blue sky and a light blue ocean in front of me let me appreciated the fact that I took for a long time before doing this trip. The best from making it in that way was I had a deepest but not extensively knowledge of Australia, which lets me comprehend better their love for outdoors activities. When you live in a place like this. It is impossible to deny a passion for the ocean, the beach and nature. At this time, keeping this marvelous gift required not only appreciation but skills and creative thinking to produce in more sustainable ways than we had been done in the last two decades.

 Even for people hating Globalization. We could not ignore that efforts to combat climate change are important around the world, this is not a topic about markets, cultures, industries, languages or social barriers, it is about having a place to live in the future.

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