Travel to celebrate Christmas (Day 1)

Gran Via, Madrid, Spain.

For 24 hours I tasted what Santa Claus experienced and I believe if it was completely real, he really must be chosen by some powerful deity to survive the first travel. Crossing continents, oceans and giving gifts to all good kids should be one of the hardest things. However, this Christmas I am gonna see how people is involved by the magic of three kings men or   wise men mentioned in the Bible, who gave gifts to good children and a piece of coal to little bad babies… Even when everything around me is new, this feels like something normal, while I was growing up I always asked myself how could you feel about traveling during this time. Even when I expected more surprises, I walked through these streets, which I have already visited through novels, movies, paintings, food, songs or other people’ stories.

 Being in Madrid was an interesting experience. While I was walking by small corridors, old streets, watching images from famous scientists in the Royal Garden and discovering how some exotics trees looked like is perceived as a simple experience but it would be impossible to deny the Christmas gift it represented. I could not stop of thinking which places inspired my fave lyrics from Alejandro Sanz…The chilliest thinking will appeared in every fan in this place…playing with his lyrics is a peculiar way to let readers enjoyed a few minutes in their own minds about songs and memories while they take time to cross every corner. In few words, what is the meaning of life without this sensation?

The emotion was stronger when I found a message on a building’s wall where a famous writer used to live in Atocha street…

A message on a building wall where writer Pedro Antonio de Alarcon lived.

It was quite impossible to get lost in my thoughts remembering the past, well, at least my mind let me remember quite precisely poetry written by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer. This way to express ideas and emotions is a great tool when someone is learning a new language because it shows how creativity and rules made your words sound better. I believe this particular way for expressing feelings while using words in creative ways is fascinating to improve your writing skills and imagination because authors were motivated to write from their hearts while words are molded by minds trying to apply rules to transmit not only an idea but to move your psyche. Giving you a chance for discovering more about the way human emotions were moved or interpreted by different generations of artists, who created the perception of beauty, pleasure or pain through their words, which sooner or later is shared in social values.

 Even when I was not able to see one of my main goals El Museo El Prado, it was closed so I must choose a different option but finding a place called El Museo del Jamon (Ham’s Museum), localized in front of the famous Museum was a great surprised and I saw it like a welcoming sign from the Ghost of Christmas Past, famous for his famous description in Charles Dickens’ tale ‘A Christmas Carol’. I enjoyed every bite in that place as all the people while we enjoyed a decoration, which probably is perceived as a crime scene for Vegans but for a meat lovers looked like a nice place to enjoy a meal in Holy night or as we say in Spanish ‘Nochebuena’. Another great surprise was greater.

 Later, walking in the city between citizens from Madrid was great. I found parents are enjoying time with their kids dressed like Elfs, Princess Leia, Reindeers, among other nice costumes. The last gifts they probably forgot, the tourists were taking pictures of everything. The ligth tree and Mickey with Minnie Mouse was fascinating, as well as, the dicussion of Santa Claus withouth the beard, wig and hat, a point to see the breaking point from magic to reality in seconds but the best was finding, even when I am not sure, Fernando Savater with a red shirt in the middle of Plaza de Los Angeles. I was surprised but I could not stop to think about the person who recommended this book long time before I would have the opportunity to be here…

People was trying to find the best goods for their holidays in every corner of Madrid. From La Plaza Mayor, la Puerta del Sol or Gran Via…Undoubtedly, the best time of the year for commercial activities.

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