It is part of an audiovisual project from W-strength, an organisation interested in promoting and creating new products with different messages for women while there are opportunities in a variety of media channels for exploring the dynamic interactions between different generations. The main goal is exploring the clashes and the difficulties of improving sons and daughters’ adulthood in a world, where everyone is getting use to grown up later if we compare this situation with previous generations. The story is told using and exploring different elements from Arts and History to create an atmosphere where beauty and the search for beauty are the main vehicles to know more about characters understand the world and interact with it.

The most interesting aspect is knowing more about the clashes between different social classes and female’s role in societies, where the reality of conflicts provoked by mobility had caused more problems to new generations, who had conflicts in the new environment. The main
interest is increasing the attention from different participants in global audience towards basic and common prejudices about others, and how different generations confront mainly the same conflicts once and again in History.

This work is focused on producing something with a female vision about social issues through experiences from Laurel, Christine, Charlotte, and Elizabeth. They made an effort for giving strong political position without losing a particular sense from women’s vision to confront the world. The use of games, words, and other elements tried to evoke how modernity transform our interactions and the discussion of mobility, which is one of the most controversial and difficult topics in every continent since the origins of human on earth. Causing conflicts toward the possession of Earth and sources for establishing relations of power.

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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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