Everyone talked about love but it is quite difficult to watch something like it through the news. During the last weeks, it has been really hard and difficult to find good news. I have been aware of the difficult times for people, who is trying to find a new place, especially, in developed countries, where their arrival is not necessarily perceived as something positive.

However, it is clear they are running from worst conditions. Watching the images from Syria, let you discover that you would share probably the same interest to protect your life. Even if the promise of security is not real. Thousands of refugees die in the sea or their bodies are taken from the beaches, where they serve as a reminder of the bloody conflict taken part far away from European shores.

Love is a particular feeling, with an interesting explanation of how our brain works to change and modify our behaviour. It is interesting how everything is less romantic after you watch the news. However, citizens, NGOs and Governments had provided a better response to the crisis. Even when it had not been one of the easiest in the last decade.

It is like everyone feel guilty about not being able to do more. In my opinion, every time I watched someone expressing their support and giving others a chance for being the best they can. There is a real expression of love, other things are details. When it is necessary to remember how relative is our comprehension and expression of love, we would not have the occasion to lose the real meaning in this frenetic search of happiness and love.





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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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