David Bowie’s journey

When I visited his exposition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. It was surreal…I found myself the first time I went to see a documentary about the British artist with my father. I always recalled I found in the same place the guy I liked at that time. I did not say hi because he always gave all my little gifts to someone else. Children behaviour but what I had never forgotten it is their fans on the screen. Beyond Beatles’ fans, I have never seen something like it before.

However, when I found David Bowie died from Cancer…it gave me a different approach to all the things I discovered  during the exhibition, which let me understand better the influence behind the Masterpieces he created. He used to apply all the things he found that people would find not necessarily attractive but beyond their time. Especially, in the time where the world was so centered on having a man on the moon. An inconceivable idea from the perspective of mere humans, who were walking on Earth barely five thousand years.

He created the best visual allegory and human interpretation of what tomorrow would bring to next generations…Confusion, excess, conflicts, development, questions and surprise…and how he crossed  the boundaries toward difficult topics as sexual behaviour, which is still one of the most controversial issues in different societies. Undoubtedly, mainstream artists like Lady Gaga, now, and others  from different decades found enough inspiration in all the opportunities he found to explore in his lyrics stories inspired from war, youth, love, discrimination, and relevant topics in the global context.

What makes him a real master of communication, it is the way he could use a complete concept for every project and transforming his vision through time without losing what makes an artist unforgettable… He made you feel invited most of the time. Even when you were not necessarily supporting all his ideas…he was successful keeping your attention on his clothes, his moves, his ideas, his videos and his creation.

Even one of my fave bands from the 90’s, Nirvana sing “The man who sold the world”, that is when you could establish the real meaning of a legend in any field. When younger generations learn, nurture and construct their own codes from them. That is what makes David Bowie unique and immortal. He knew how to hypnotize you with his presence. I only know he got one of the best songs I have ever heard. Heroes and I do not think there is anything else I could say that let you enjoy his lyrics.







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