The past vs the future

Watching Stefani Germanotta’s tribute for one of the greatest music artists of modern times was interesting. While I was watching the use of technology involved in Lady Gaga’s tribute I could not avoid the surprise, attraction for the vitality and movement. I could not deny that was something special. However, my interest to write about the performance appeared after reading a comment from Bowie’ son, Duncan Jones, who expressed his complete lack of impression about the use of hi-tech sources for bringing a different experience inspired in Bowie’s creative process. For a few minutes, I tried to understand the vision of this man, who probably perceived the homage more like a commercial opportunity from the tech and music industry so I would like to know more of this approach to remembering another hero from the music industry.

I like to believe that we are humans and there are other things in life beyond economic interest, profit, fame, popularity and development so I decided to ask for more information to Intel. They send me all the information of the path to expose a show full of robots, lights, holograms, Laser and Lady Gaga’s voice interpreting songs like Heroes, Let’s dance, Space Oddity, Changes, Rebel, Rebel, among others. During the

During a short documentary, I found an artist talking about her feelings toward someone who inspired her to follow her own path in Arts. I truly believe in her because as someone inspired by previous writers, photographers, painters and journalists, let me understand how the perception of others about the world influence our own acknowledgement of events and how to respond to them. In my case, this happens through words from different authors with the ability to change and influenced my vision and the path to not only find your voice but also, let you structure your ideas with their previous experiences after they faced, sometimes, same issues.

In this case, everything is linked to beliefs and perceptions about the influence of technology in Music’s industry. In a world, where innovation is the rosetta stone for understanding the perpetual transformation inspired and created by older and new knowledge. Nobody would argue they love how we can carry our fave records with us everywhere. Considering that fact, I would never deny what all find attractive from continuous improvement while trying to keep a critical position when Music as an Art or artists could be in risk of being beating out of the business they had been nurtured for centuries

I believe in Stefani. Furthermore, I understood what Lady Gaga and Intel were trying to do in this allegoric presentation. Showing on the Grammy’s scenario what David Bowie conceived long time ago in his mind. What he envisioned from all the messages surrounded him during  50’s and 60’s…how he explored in his lyrics the transformation of values from one generation to another. However, we always found the same questions  were already explored for our ancestors and making more meaningful his interpretation of  ‘The Man who sold the world’. The only differences are the new knowledge every generation could apply to confront them and while it would not be possible to overcome them. Give better chances to a new generation of finding a better path for new solutions. Most of these difficulties as poverty, inequality, migration, environment were inevitable in the last centuries and for different groups, then we found creative minds establishing different rules and systems to diminish the negative effects.

Now, what we have it is more opportunities to use technology for exploring new alternatives to solve some of these issues. In this specific event,  the goal was the exploration of mixing them with Arts, which is not something new…it had been done before. Lady Gaga’s personal tribute represented an example of following a new approach for using Arts, creativity, information and technology. I do not believe these experiments put in risk something valuable as music. The only thing we should keep in mind is not ignoring the relevant role of sensibility in the creation of content and creation of lyrics and melody in the musical production. We should not risk the meaningful value these elements possess to bring a brilliant piece, especially when we tried to explore how to surprise our audience’s perception of reality. Technology only needs to improve the experience of making something great even better.

The pleasure of melody…
Francia National Academy of Music
National Academy of Music in Paris

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