Three reasons for letting Di Caprio win!!!

Everybody knows the massive campaign for supporting Leonardo DiCaprio’s work in The Revenant as the best option for taking his first OSCAR as Best Actor. We could not deny he is undoubtedly one of the most talented artists. However, as well as anyone should know luck had not been with him one, two, three, four, five… it is not necessary to use too much time thinking about it. In the end, it did not diminish his talent, fans, millions, beautiful girlfriends. However, it is quite uncomfortable watching how the cameras captured him when he did not take the famous uncle to home.

I want to share the reasons for making him the Best Actor this year:

ONE: Fight with a Bear

C’mon!! What else should he do? He has been a pilot, a criminal, a free spirit young, Romeo, which means he had characterised almost all the possible emotions in human context. Now, he is fighting like a savage. I still recall that I was convinced he would win with his character in Blood Diamonds, but it did not happen… and it was horrible for him, for me and a good night for Russell Crowe. It is time for DiCaprio’s night.

TWO: Talent+Character+Purpose

He has enough interest in things outside the celebrity status. However, he has been working as an actor since his childhood. It is common to see him as an example of a few artists with the ability to overcome the transition from this period to leading roles, especially, when he had the opportunity for different audiences to know his name around the world.


THREE: He watched Rose won an Oscar…it is his time!!!

One of the nicest friendships in Hollywood began when the Cour de la Mer drowned in the middle of the Atlantic. Eleven Oscars for this movie and eleven years later passed to see how Kate Winslet won an Academy Award for The Reader. This year would be fantastic to see the pair enjoyed a night where both could share a significant memory.









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