What makes being a woman special

I found many people was saying in a poll on Internet that only one day per year to remind women it is not enough. Well, here you could find space for celebrating your year the 365 days of the year, so it is time to remind those characteristics, which made women unique and different not one day but every day.




Even if I am aware of how they could complicate natural things. It is impossible to deny that they made us who we are. The kind way of considering others when we are taking decisions. Their influences in part our way they function in our body. Our attachment provoked by Oxytocin lets us being careful and committed to raising our children. If we did not have it, perhaps, you would not be reading this article. Undoubtedly, if we can consider who made us in the way we are. You know sensitive, a little bit dramatic and sometimes, they are moved by emotions. If we had not had them, we would miss a lot of things in our experience of life.


I think we had been confronting biggest issues and keep fighting for situations, which are not right from the perspective of Equality. Considering this, I believe it is possible one of the most important characteristics of women living in different countries. Most of them used to express it happened because they had to take care of children, which means to make their minds stronger to confront difficulties because they should not think only for themselves but for others lives depending on them.  I am pretty sure there is a connection between taking care of others and increasing female’s ability for surpassing stressful situations.


Tenderness and Openness

It is common to find that men could not speak quickly about their feelings because it could expose them as weak, which is characteristic that stronger men could not expose themselves to a group of ‘whining guys’. Meanwhile, if you want to be sweet, soft and warm while you are taking care of others or cry because you feel sad, it is possible that someone would be happy and grateful to see you acting in that way or if you are not in a good mood, they will try to comfort you.


Living now 

It is not a lie that if we think about what is the meaning of being a woman had changed. Today, we are not only supported but a part of men’s population, we find other women thinking about helping others in their careers, which some studies had shown it is not common. Usually, women working in senior positions used to try to be alone, and they avoid to support other women in their careers. Increase awareness of this mistake for conquering Equality at work is essential. And it could increase the opportunity for any woman to experience all the possibilities for their lives.



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