Unexpected 24 hours

Everyone looked scared and surprised after the clash between two gangs in the middle of the CBD last week. Especially, when the area is usually a safe place most of the time. Nobody could imagine something disrupting and frenetically wild would interrupt the general peace and comfort in one of the artsiest and quiet locations in Melbourne.

Honestly, I did not expect a violent outburst in the middle of the CBD that night. Especially, when the place is one of space of different Artistic, commercial or social engagement for Melbourne community. All the image in the place made a complete contrast with the nurtured and friendly environment of young people singing beautiful songs in the middle of the park. Meanwhile, a group of International students from Malaysia celebrated the beginning of their journey at RMIT.

Forever ends here playing an improvised concert in Flagstaff Gardens.

The question about how a group of young people get in the middle of illegal activity provoking chaos, violence, destruction of private property, human distressed, among other adverse effects in the city made us believe that they should know a punishment but at the same time, I need to ask myself…

Why could authorities find young citizens living in one of the best possible environments around the world and I am not saying it as my personal perception, particularly, when  Australia appeared in a list a one of the most happiest countries in the World. We could not ignore that something is failing, and even when extreme measures like expelling violent elements from any society, or incarcerated them usually we could interpret as the best decision. It is important to go further and change, control or modify other components causing extreme wild behaviour in young citizens in Australia.


Melbourne 3
Acmi entrance.  Last weekend was the scenario for a violent clash between Apex Gang and Police officers from Melbourne.


Especially, in a country with a recognized Conservative government. It is important to solve the situation of many young citizens interested in being part of Apex gang. Considering not only the economic advantage and protection for citizens and business owners in Victoria but the right of youth to develop their abilities and skills. There is something wrong when in a city with multiple options for learning, teenagers, and young adults prefer to do evil things in their community.

Using public space to provoke dangerous situations should not let us tolerate violence as something normal. Especially, when teenagers must be participants in creating a better environment for themselves. When you travel from a different country is necessary to remember that we have to create better interactions, even when it is hard to find open ears in a new country. There is a need to understand that crime and violence will not create a better approach to fulfilling any desire of well-being.

Perhaps, community, Government of Victoria, and cultural initiatives may find a way to use the energy of this young citizens to make Melbourne more beautiful. I do not believe punishment require establishing guilty offenders with horrible situations, where they probably ended feeling less connected with the city. Perhaps, what the followers of this gangs required should be a better use of their time.

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