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After the calm…

We had seen during the last hours how Europe is trying to modify the participation of different governments to control what we could define as Pandemonium. After the Paris Attack last year, nobody could figure out that after arresting the primary suspect behind the operation, Salah Abdeslam, who after organized one of the worst terrorist attack in France killing 130 people; something crazier will happen later.

Different countries as Paris and Belgium started a variety of actions to protect their citizens from a new attack. However, the situation was out of their hands. Many things will not provide the right environment for Government and Intelligence Agencies to protect their citizens and tourists during the last three months. As an illustration, the control over the information about security measures to monitor and protect borders was not always shared by agents from different departments. This situation is common in regions, where you could find linguistic or other political divisions; in this case, it is evident the main topic is not how to control the borders but the way of working with different organisations to monitor and measure the possible threat of Terrorists. Particularly, when Europe possessed the highest number of Syrian fighters from conflicts living in their territory.

Undoubtedly, collaboration is a matter of time. Terrorists understand how easy was to compromise security in cities and places known like peaceful and civilized. There are no doubts that ISIS is completely aware of what does it mean. For them it is not enough a War far away from those who fight them, they are trying to move War inside enemy’s territory.

Applying Modern Technology

The scariest point in this situation is how they use a system of communication to avoid the detection of their activities. In this sense, they are using positive aspects from Western Legal System, as the protection of privacy, for making destruction a standard action in a Peaceful environment.

Especially, when terrorists’ action is affecting the right of privacy from civil society. We are confronting a situation, where the desire to protect us against horrific crimes is opening the opportunity of losing our right to privacy. Even when it was re-defined after 9-11, the conditions are going to be more extreme, which is not something we could find necessarily better. After all, losing privacy had not stopped them altogether.

In front of this situation, some corporations had begun to join forces against initiatives like this. After, Tim Cook, Apple expressed his uninterested position to provide support to the FBI for giving access to the iPhone of one of San Bernardino’s attackers. There were more companies as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, among others explaining the situation under the same guide of values. Protecting the privacy of their users.

However, there are more questions about the Law in the future. A few hours ago, I discovered as you that Domino’s first delivery robot. Even when it is still a prototype, I could not stop my mind about where a cool gadget like that could end? Because if more than one find the same interest in knowing how it works. It is possible that minds with less original thoughts would conspire about how to use a drone or a robot. In consequence, controlling how to stop terrorists from hiding their identities as refugees should be the most important aspect for overcoming so difficult times.


Social issues

Even though, the extreme desire to monitor all the things happening in different countries should not promote the lack of integrity of communities. The alienation of citizens with origins from countries experiencing conflict has increased the possibilities of younger citizens trying to be part of terrorist groups. Confronting the situation, it is impossible to deny the relevant role of communities to promote safer interactions between citizens. It is surprising and sad how citizens from peaceful cities decide to transform their towns in conflict zones.

And this is is not only happening in Europe, America or Australia, but it is also happening everywhere. It is a sign from terrorists expressing “We are not so stronger, but we are still here”. Consequently, Muslim practitioners and other ethnicities could feel that they could experience the worst aspects of the conflict, they are ignored, and fear and also, they are called or convinced by cells to be part of this kind of violence, which is terrible. How will Governments react to this? Because we are guiding our opinions toward feeling safe but we also should ask if we are not paying an extreme price for feeling safe.

New measures

How can we stop terrorism?, if the war had not ended. There is the main reason of people running away from terrorists in their lands. We think it would be enough with tracking our mobile phones; I am not sure. It is possible to identify the biggest the number of citizens involved in War, the largest the number of uneducated, violent young people who will participate in the career of hate, destruction and killing.

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