Dying Christians in different Continents

Increasing the attention toward a negative situation is common in Media. Sometimes people used to criticize the point as something extreme. However, a difference of Government or Corporations, which could have their experts for searching advice. What media does it is offering a regular vision about what is happening in our world; even when it is not necessarily an attractive idea from part of the audience to believe it or not about the gravity of violent situations around the world. Some citizens do not trust media or trust completely in their efforts, which is not naive, but it is important to understand the value of deeper comprehension of some social issues.

I think in the case of people killed by their religious belief in Muslim countries could or would be stigmatized like something to concern a particular group of citizens. However, I do not believe it is only a matter of humanity when this is happening in Western countries. Undoubtedly, it will call the attention of millions when popular broadcasting enterprises or Digital media focused their attention on what is taking place in this part of the Globe, but it is not like this surprising events lessen the attention we need to put in what’s going on in Arabic Peninsula or countries near its borders. Furthermore, when the violence also appeared further from this point, in countries like Australia or Indonesia, even when they had not been a common ground for this kind of activity.

What ISIL or EI is trying to make through these actions is increasing their control and power over countries or regions, where they had the easiest access. They understood how hard is doing something similar to 9/11 in The United States, so their approach to terrorist actions is becoming more a technic to keep producing damage in other regions where their access is entirely sure. Even when European community was aware of the risk, they could never believe their citizens would participate in the destruction of their culture and civilization. Under these circumstances, countries like France and Australia are seeking a new approach to diminish any possibility of having similar experiences as local and national Governments in France and Belgium.

It is an exciting goal to end all the things happening around the surveillance and control of suspects of Terrorism. However, the attacks in areas where they could not establish an active control will become more intense as well as the killing of those who are practitioners of different religious beliefs. In that sense, what is going to be the approach for limiting their Power in regions located far away from peaceful spaces to participate in different religious practices? Cutting their economic sources is an excellent alternative to diminish their use of Violence out of their territories, although what is happening now and the diaspora of millions of refugees claiming for help will not stop in this way. Undoubtedly, the barbaric approach of groups searching for social and human destruction must find a way establishing a Leadership in this area, making the right questions or focusing on offering these citizens to ask themselves if they truly believe being powerful could only be build over a pile of bodies and the lack of sources, Government, institutions, among other elements motivated only by the construction of an extinct Kingdom to rule in the shadows of a new Middle-age.


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