The triumphs and soft side of Legends

In the last weeks, Beyonce and Prince appeared as part of media messages, comments, stories, gossip, great videos, fancy clothes, eclectic style, and of course as Superstars in the middle of common criticism in media.

Prince died one week and two days ago. Automatically, every digital and print media offered different views, reviews, comments, videos, images from a Pop Music Icon for all the members of the audience, who feel awkward, “weirdos,” outsiders. He gave them a mirror. It does not mean necessarily that Conservatism side of Political correctness would not have a negative comment on his behaviour, attitudes, interests, expressions and when we reminded his feelings, everybody knows he was quiet and controlled his tongue most of the time because he always gave a critical position and view of Music Industry. Even when he was successful enough to do not worry immensely about extreme vicissitudes.

Besides, we had Beyonce, who decided surprised her fans and media with a different framing for her Audiovisual and Musical Art. For the first time, she was not the invincible, warrior, Goddess omnipresent, wild survivor, soft-heart fantastic dancer moving her booty .” She confessed in a violent presentation, perhaps the darker side of her Alter ego, Sasha Fierce, a volatile heroine who could do all the things that Good Bey did not expose on the scene. Walking down the street, playing with a bat in her hands and using it to hit all the windows around her, while she is singing LemonadeThe most surprising aspect was she conquered the No. 1 on the Australian chart. Meanwhile, the posthumous album from Prince, The Very Best only got the No.2.

Phrases like “You can taste the dishonesty/ It’s on your breath as you pass it off so cavalier.” (“Pray You Catch Me”). “Who the fuck do you think I am? You ain’t married to no average bitch”. “Looking at my watch, he shoulda been home/ Today I regret the night I put that ring on/ He always got them fucking excuses. “(“Sorry”).

Undoubtedly, the list could not finish with these sentences. We observe the representation of one of the most influential and talented composer in the music industry, fighting regular familiar conflicts like an ordinary homemaker is doing it so the situation could not surprise anybody. Everything looked completely messed up for someone who run the world. Undoubtedly, we could not deny the force of fighting for what framing a natural fear of women in different societies or social conditions because even Beyonce with an interesting professional background, social connections, a family, great bank account would confront this fear. Under these circumstances, we cannot deny the honesty behind the rage that every mortal with flesh and blood would feel when someone betrayed him or her.

No matter if you are a beautiful, talented, Grammy winner, professional, working mother… I think I saw all the criticism, media searching for Becky healthy hair, however, the real analysis of the meaning was focused on the angry black women asking for revenge from his partner. Although the logical and rational side of human science told us it is not the proper behaviour, we could not deny the truth. Nobody likes being disrespected by his or her partner. It is not about race, gender or the town you live, the reason behind her attitude is a just an interpretation of women, who gave the best of them but even if you are Superstar, or a famous producer or entertainer, it does not mean that bad thing will not happen.

The approach of Prince is similar, he was one of the most influential Pop artists from the 80’s, evolving continuously through his performances and shows. The sexy attitude during his video or concerts was one of the key features of his performances. The use of female dancing with him in the video “Cream” was reprised with a high stylised version for another song, “Lady”, by Lenny Kravitz, who undoubtedly, took the position of the sexy singer after Prince disappear from the mainstream video music industry. Under her tone and attitude, Beyonce had established her fierceness as part of one of the most stable characteristics of her career since she released “Dangerously in love”.

The change of her name to a symbol was one of the most fantastic choices for his career; he left many with more questions and doubts than Michael Jackson. However, his talent and songs were still so good as they were in the past Classics like “Purple Rain”, “Let’s go crazy”, “Raspberry”, “Batdance”, “Diamond and Pearls”, “Call my name”, ” Pink Cashmere”, among others hits made a difference for his career making him a favorite artist. Especially, on the Billboard’s Hot 100 during the last three decades. It is undeniable the influence of Prince in younger generations of Artists in the United States and other countries. Without him, it is possible that Justin Timberlake did not bring the sexy back.



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