Women vision in game industry

A few days ago, I found the story about the new Swedish actress, Alicia Vikander, who will perform the famous role of Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider‘s movie. After her electric performance in the film The Danish Girl. Some writers and critics in media started to published different articles about the expectations of watching someone far from the  athletic and curvy performance portrayed by Angelina Jolie in previous films. Particularly,  a lot of articles put attention on her looks, for example, she did not look excessively curvy, extremely sexual and her body frame looks delicate. In one word, her image was against everything Jolie exposed while she was acting the part.

Yesterday, I met a Korean girl, Sun. I would not provide more details about her professional background because she asked so. She is a professional designer in Korea and she has been working 5 or 6 years designing video games. We have the chance to discuss a little about the representation of women in the industry, I was quite surprised with her idea that there are not enough women in this industry because they prefer leaving behind their professional path for becoming mother or wives. However, she could not find the right answer for the reasons behind the lack of female working in this area from audiovisual industries.

For example, as she explained in a group of 10 male colleagues, only 1 would be a woman. In consequence, the decision, comments, ideas or exposition of the female audience could disappear. Particularly, when the opinion of “Our main target audience is composed of men,” used to be the regular approach to take decisions. For Sun, the problem is not only the prejudices created and nurtured by men but women used to have a lot of them, too.

Even when I listened, I could not support her because there is not the way that in a group of 9 men and 1 women, her prejudices would appear as a threat for developing a project. The truth is what a woman said it would not make a huge difference. That is exactly the point to find a way to bring a balance of power and perception made by both sexes in the recreation of reality for minors, even when most of the citizens would perceive it or explain it as “It is only a game.”

For a minute, she kept silence, then she explained the truth is “usually all female characters in video games appear in a bikini and I had never thought about it as you explained it. Companies only provided different role models.” However, she did not try to diminish the point that women’s voice should have a better opportunity in the labor of creative industries. Particularly, when women are also part of the market.


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