Society against Amber Heard

One of the most common issues for women in modern societies is violence. I had experienced it from strangers, family members, friends, in the workplace and even from other women. Undoubtedly, the first reaction against Amber Heard was motivated by the regular belief  of women only got married because they are searching for money with older guys. In my  experience as a citizen of our world, I only could say it is common to see women as an element, who should confront this kind of attacks. It does not matter if she is beautiful, tall, attractive, ugly, short, average, blond, Asian, Hispanic, Afro-American, and we like to ignore it as it was something normal because it sadly is.

A few months ago, I was criticizing exactly the reason of being so against women went out with younger guys because it was not reasonable, however, if  a middle-aged man is interested in doing it nobody gave a second thought because it is normal. My personal view is about all the extremely critical view about the reasons behind her decision of asking for the divorce and it was immediately the situation of a person criticized by her desire of getting rid off a relationship with a violent men or at least, a husband, who was under the influence of different substances making him acting in that way. The truth is everybody decided to make women the guiltiest person in the room without even knowing the truth behind the liars, who took advantage of some situations to damage innocent people with their meaning tongues, which sooner or later would suffer similar attacks. It is only a matter of time because women are the favorite enemy.

We are the second threat after Terrorist in a world without respect for Gender. That was a joke but the truth is, and I am not writing this for supporting any woman in Politics or Presidential Campaign. It is just a complete and sincere interpretation of reality from the beginning of civilization until modern times. We could not deny the efforts for combating crazy hate from ridiculous women and men is a routine in the daily life for the majority of women, in the different corners of our world. Even Universities, where it should be condemned as a crime against liberty or desire for fulfilling a better approach of egalitarian relations between men and women. However, the reality is the group which paid the highest price for the worst violent and senseless attack on women is the family. Even when men prefer to play the blind role when they must confront the situation.

It does not mean men should be the worst thing on Earth because an idea like that it is completely insane…The real issue is ignoring the value of women in societies when they are mistreated, ignored or silenced because it is easier to establish more control over the interactions between men and women rather than offering both groups the same opportunities. Governments, NGOs, Corporations and other institutions must provide better solutions than playing deaf, blind or ignorants about what are the real conditions of women in developed or underdeveloped societies, which used to be similar inside and outside home in different countries.  The question about Why do women need to tolerate this kind of social divide? should be answered, it is the only way we will achieve a real role in our societies beyond just being a reproductive machine and the caring person of others, which is important for developing families and societies but let individuals ignore when confronted difficult situations as intra-familial violence.

C: Rossana Naveda. Australia Melbourne. Flagstaff Garden
C: Rossana Naveda. Australia Melbourne. Flagstaff Garden.

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