The greatest contradictions

After we watched a Historic moment in American culture last week when, for the first time, a woman was chosen for the final election is a relevant moment for increasing the presence of women in the positions of Power. However, this particular moment suffered an undeniable negative backlash after the 50 people were killed in a dance club from Orlando by Omar Mateen, we found and incredible contradiction of values in the same society, where we can see more people interested the attention on women for providing a better approach to social issues affecting women but the presence of negative attacks from religious extremists.

I believe this is the space to promote a conscious and critical review about gender and feminism. Undoubtedly, groups from extreme Right and extreme Left had created incredible conflicts in societies for promoting a lack of empathy. It is like LGBT groups in some countries tried to force everyone to become a member and religious groups used to act as a reincarnation of members from the Saint Inquisition, which in social groups where the menace from groups as ISIL transform the dynamic of these relations in something absolutely dangerous for every citizen living under similar circumstances.

As part of our commitment  to transform better interactions between citizens, we cannot ignore the main issue. Promoting this kind of behaviour inside different societies, it is one of the worst options when we are confronting bigger problems as the radicalisation of some groups living with us. It is not about hate, it is about being open to others without convincing them that we should destroy all their belief system. Sometimes, the biggest problem for societies is finding the best strategy to achieve interest in others beyond their private lives. It is like to be or not to become the most difficult answer to solve in our societies because you would be blame or attack for your particular vision, ignoring the value of ideas over your particular choice for life.

What is the main issue behind a discussion, where both groups had used so much time to deny to others an understanding of different ideas? Perhaps, the moment to confront an extreme position from ISIL followers would let people and Government a better vision of important things as stopping hate speech and promoting a better discussion of gender topics and LGBT rights in different countries.

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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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