Brexit, women and harsh comments on media

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I promised there will be something artistic next week…However, women issues are something attractive, interesting and particularly, amusing to discuss with others during this time when the scenario for female figures as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jo Cox, and Australian journalist Tracy Grimshaw. Most of the time professionals used to believe women could have a regular bias when they need to figure out the origins of all this kind of bias in the public sphere about their situation and how to handle the female identity. Although it is undeniable the fact of women confronting harsh critics by their gender and conditions established by centuries of tradition from archetypes. Sometimes, people could believe everything is about money, class, education, work, however, the truth is we are going to find examples of violence towards different groups everywhere, even women, who possessed access to all these elements.

Now, for the first time, I will not focus on gender what happened with Brexit results had let us surprised, scared and worried in different ways, levels or ways for expressing the feelings. Suddenly, Nationalism looked like the best alternative and big economies like the United States and The United Kingdom are following these discourses and ideologies as well as Politicians. However, during times where security has been a difficult issue, this kind of response would have a bigger impact on how other European Governments will handle migration, refugees situation, debt crisis, safety measures in the International context.

Brexit campaign exposed a similar violent desire from Politicians of being in control of their own structure and economic issues. Although it is interesting to appreciate how the generation who witnessed the benefits from working as a community to diminish possible conflicts as The Great War and Second World War just decided that solution was not the best for future generations. The questions about if other countries would follow similar interest to leave the European Community or leaving the UK it is a historic transformation of Geo-Politics.

Perhaps, the truth is part of the population from the UK finally got upset with the control of technocrats in Brussels but the price for younger generations is going to be really high in the long run. The interchange in the Cultural arena will suffer too, I still remember reading how The Beatles became The Beatles after playing once and again in Germany in little clubs so even when everyone would respect the sovereignty of any country to control its destiny; in this particular case, it is impossible to ignore the impact of other elements beyond Economy, Migration, Productivity and Employment.



Most of the citizens expressed her lack of interest in watching migrants crossing their borders every year as the situation had been getting worst year after year for more than four years. If we considered that situation next to what happened in France and Belgium with the Terrorist attacks, it would be impossible to ignore the kind of impact in the mind of citizens considering at the same time this kind of risk in their land.

However, ending with a Political project which supports an era of relative peace in Europe had changed forever. Questions about how the Europe Union would confront and transform the relations between countries would offer a different vision for the future of this community.



Perhaps, the response of the UK in the last referendum would offer a different perspective to European Politicians, particularly, when the lack  of cohesion between countries is not anymore a ‘ghost’ in the public sphere but a palpable reality provoked by the lack of interest of citizens to be part of one of the most important Political commitments since the Second World War.

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