C: Rossana Naveda. Australia Melbourne. Flagstaff Garden

What is new in the American Election?

After Hurricane Matthew, the perfect storm appeared to the most aggressive Republican candidate we have seen, Donald Trump. The truth is every time I saw a picture of him, it is impossible to avoid listening a group of cheerleaders in my mind singing “B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E  Be  aggressive, be be aggressive”.

Childish thoughts but he is always screaming in most of the pictures I have seen on my Facebook News Feed. Now, he is again one more time in the eye of the hurricane after telling on camera how he tried to seduce a married woman in 2005 before he appears on a TVshow. Nobody knows exactly what will happen after the horrible video was released  but it is really a kind of ‘disgusting attitude’. Perhaps, all men do things like that but it shouldn’t appear online or as part of daily news. The main issue is the ‘male’ attitude  and how he expressed himself in a disrespectful way about  women and the benefits of being ‘famous’. I know adults would probably reject his behaviour. Personally, I did not like it even when I am pretty sure the majority of men had this kind of chit-chat, however, what is the Millenials point of view?, whom had been growing up with lyrics like “sexy bitch” every time they went to party. I know women would consider in very bad terms Trumps’ description but I am not quite sure what is the position of male voters.

They would have a better approach toward what was happening with the topic. Particularly, when the anchor Billy Bush said he was too young and he only was trying to follow the game for the record. However, Hillary Clinton campaign is taking advantage of a new mistake in Trump’s career to Presidency because this time she was smart enough to recognise she represents or she is in some sort of way the symbol of “Gender” battle. Yes, a battle is the only way to describe the fight over rights for women in US, where there are still multiple topics waiting to be transformed. Undoubtedly, this is  one of the most important characteristics in Hillary’s campaign next to her experience as Politician in different roles and Governments, the last fact, at the same time, play against her strategies when her mistakes had attracted multiple critics in the United States.

Undoubtedly, the characteristic of being the first woman to achieve arriving at this part of the Political arena in a country, which imaginarium is attached intrinsically to the concept of masculine define by “a manly man” after all the replication in different contexts or scenarios for telling stories inspired in the good old Western, made everything different for American voters. Regular element in Pop culture, where a man should be brave, strong, wild, and triumph as we see in one of the last hit from cultural industries about the responsibility of voters. In this elegant and elocuent piece we can observe -in black and white (my favourite kind of photography)- a serious Robert De Niro, epitome of American man thanks to his work in classics as “Raging Bull”, “The Godfather”, “Goodfellas”, “Taxi Driver” or the unforgettable “Cape Fear”, using his time to threat Trump and taking the chance to invite voters to analyse carefully what do they want for their future.

Yes, that is what makes this election so memorable for American media and cultural studies. Are The United States audience ready to break the fourth wall as if they were playing a game in virtual reality to open the doors for a new generation of female politicians interested in similar positions of Power? And what the Republican Party will do? Support his candidate, who would not quit the career or nominate someone new. Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see. Que sera, sera…

C: Rossana Naveda. Australia Melbourne. Flagstaff Garden
American Election: Is the war of sexes? C: Rossana Naveda.




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