Technologies and Communication for development

One of the main goals for almost every country is increasing the participation of more companies and users inside the network economy. Perhaps, some countries would confront more issues than others to participate as equals as a consequence of the digital divide. However, it is impossible to deny that this characteristic differs in every nation and it is possible to obseve the negative effects on different groups. Particularly, considering  as element the problem of gender equality. Beyond regular efforts from governments and many international and local organisations; we could not ignore the main issue is influenced by the Philosophical construction in the education system, which had not defined the best process in its quest to increase the number of female students interested in maths, science and technology. Perhaps, we are living in a world where rules defined by masculine understanding of things since the beginning of our civilization, had endured the gender bias in tech field as it does in many others, from political domain until science research.

If we are trying to develop a world without inequality, we could not ignore the importance for establishing an economy composed by diverse talent. Especially now, that United Nations has determined, as one of its goals for the future decades, finishing with the disparities between both sexes. About these issues, every measure would be defined by the purpose of ending the gap between women and men and similar distribution of sources in develop and developing countries has become a priority for governments, NGO´s and corporations. If we analyse any possibility, it is common to deduct that education is the only way to change women’s conditions. And this goes beyond basic political measures to control birth, which, today, received more attention as a way to limit the risks of suffering from the lack of resources for next generations.

Why am I so concerned about education? Because I grow up listening some people in the education system expressing: “You are poor and that is the way you should accept to live, you should not expect more or try something outside those limits”. Although, at the same time, I have known women who will not let what society said define who or what they must be, and it provides another view. Now, I witness the same response in education system to every girl around the world when I search for methods to increase the interest of girls for science: “Girls and women are not interested in studying science, maths or tech careers and there is no way to change it”, those words just let me discover once and again how our blindness to transform this reality, let us live as supporters of inequality. It is impossible to deny the differences in cognitive process for men and women but we use that as mere excuse to perpetuate the same unfair conditions for female students and workers in any field.

As anyone could define the same fight women had expressed in media since the 70’s. However, this discussion has empowered some groups to change the gender gap but the efforts had not been enough and we find the same type of phenomenon, the subject ends as a gender issue leaving men out of the commitment to change this reality. How could we ignore this state, which stops the deepest change of our societies?

Women in science

My support for increasing and promoting this path for young women would probably influenced by the idea that technology could cut and change this gap, in that way is possible to keep the best of the information technological model, as its first characteristic expressed: “these are technologies to act on information”. Furthermore, if the pattern propose flexibility as a value will let modified some patrons, why are we going to ignore the possibilities to use them to end gender bias in our society? Especially, when this type of change is necessary not to destroy our social system, against all fears about women empowerment that any male would stand, the truth is the best possible scenario would offer the alternative to found a stronger society because every person would be ready for future challenges.

Then, we could understand another vision in the analysis of what society would and should consume or even create. For example, a few weeks ago, media replicated the words from the well recognised physics scientist Stephen Hawking about the use artificial intelligence and the possible menace for human beings’ survival. Under my humble criteria I think that this would be only possible if the method and the epistemology of this type of research has been analyzed under the political philosophy of war, which has been behind incredible discoveries, and we could not deny that it has been the main purpose for innovation since the second war world. However, in the case of ARPANET or Internet we saw how the state would change the history. However, the increase of innovation comes through the ideas of citizens, who develop different ideas to change the way of communicating, learning, trading and being part of communities.

Perhaps, it is time to enhance the mechanisms to support girls and women in this information technological structure and discover what would be their influence in our societies.

December 29, 2014 ·Rossana Naveda

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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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