BOB DYLAN: The pristine Rock Star


I won’t deny it…most of the time people want to be beauty queens, billionaires, politicians, strategists, fathers, mothers, happy… All these labels are interesting but I always asked myself how do you feel as a Rock Star? You know that feeling of playing the guitar like Chuck Berry… Everybody, who enjoys the riff from a good electric guitar knows about the kind of vibe I am talking about as well as living traveling from city to city,  having once and again encounters with your fans from different ages but enough memory to recall every single word from your lyrical mindset working out on the stage. In the case of Dylan, well, he gave voice to a generation with a special way of paraphrasing things that people from a different generation -in similar circumstances like us- was confronting on media during times of War.

He offered the greatest surprise of the year while he was recognised as the new winner of the Nobel of Literature. Some got surprised, others, mad, happy, and others did not have an idea about how they would react. I am not sure if he had answered the phone after the Swedish organisation couldn’t find him anywhere… It is possible the Artist is busy, especially, when he had decided following his passion with his his heart and singing in a new scenario every day to feed the ears and souls of his fans with songs like “Like a rolling stone”, “Things have changed” -one of my favourites-, among other hits like “Knocking on heaven’s door”-so inspiring in modern times-.

For destiny or luck, while I was seeing some news explaining the reactions around the world, from Spain to The States, and Australia, I know in Latin America a few would be completely amused by the decision. After all of this it was not possible to compare his journey with the main character from the novel “Some here among us“, written by Peter Walkes. It feels like a roadtrip of the memory, how the main character, Morgan, left everything behind in the first pages reminded me about Dylan dropping the Mic better than anybody else… I don’t think he was trying to refuse the honor but perhaps, when you only said the truth…the meaning of what a word like Nobel made you think a lot, even  try an intense analyse of your work. It is possible that the author and singer felt as being recognised for what he created.

A lot of writers used their keywords to express, once and again, how he appeared from nowhere and suddenly, the world, the music business and his way of paraphrasing attracted the attention of a fandom interested to follow his transformation since “Blonde on Blonde”. He comes from Minnesota without a famous manager, he only brings a beautiful vision of the truth. Perhaps, the marvelous aspect of their talent comes from that exactly place, he has never been the kind of product manufactured by a huge studio. No, he was somebody talking about the things he observed accompanied by his harmonica and his guitar, learning, discovering and changing through time.

Those changes were similar to what happened with the characters of Walkes’ novel. It is impossible to ignore the union between the lyrics behind the last songs written by Dylan and the work created after 9/11, which explored in some sort of way the vision toward America politics over Iraq, Gaza, among other places… For young readers it could have been considered an old chapter but in the last days, seeing the past gave us new sources to confront the present. Every word acquired a new meaning under the analysis of the future American election; the failed peace agreement in Colombia, the ways our world is trying to control new threats, and establish new ways of protection.

In the middle of names like Shakeaspeare, Ravin, Andromeda, Vietnam, the only thing I could not leave behind it is the humanity attached to violent outbursts…of course so many Political views in the book let you see different visions of a group of people observing greatest changes provoked by War… In some sort of way, I did not feel as I was reading to forget the reality but to see it through different eyes, in that sense Walker made a great work. The process let you discover their lives and experiences under the dichotomy of listening horrible facts, funny and gracious comments over “stigmatisation” of different groups but the center it is the lives of a close group of people.

I know my comments about how against I feel about Colombian ex-terrorists take a seat in a Senate so soon would have a bad interpretation because everybody is signing for the peace but when you see an area, where Democracy had been, sometimes, ignored by  people in Power, where there are big ‘liasons’ between narc-leaders and politicians. You wouldn’t be sure if that kind of peace without warranties would have the best or the worst outcome. Undoubtedly, Peace is important, especially, after more than 40 decades, but it is important to establish a process of Justice. Ex-Farc members must show how they would support their communities before trying to govern them, which would happen. The book and the songs let me with the same feeling  you are going through, in this world where aggression has been extremely used with worse consequences.

Perhaps, for that reason Dylan did not answer, he felt as he had nothing to prove. Perhaps, he also saw the world as “a single place long time ago”. Paraphrasing Walker: “Yes, it was a great lit-up room which you come into, and from which, in time, you leave…””The world was one great room”.

Congrats, BoB!!!

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