The different sides of Identity

Throughout an interesting walk in the corridors from the National Gallery of Victoria ’s exhibition for Italian Jewels: Bvlgari Style we found something extraordinary, the pieces look like the perfect gift, possession, memory, heritage and the environment provoke in visitor’ sense a mystic remembrance sculpted by a pair of immigrant’s hands breed and raised in Greece.

Undoubtedly, the first impression of watching an emerald and diamonds necklace used in the last period of the Golden era for cinema made us remind a famous love of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, whom shared so intense chemistry inside and outside the screen, for this we only need one example, Who’ s afraid of Virginia Wolf. made you think not only about the passion and beauty of an intense love, it made you understand how the conception of a complicated relationship affected by excessive alcohol consumption made the couple suffered all the upside downs provoked by the excess of an element. Even though, beauty is always the most dangerous temptation.

Other figures as Sophia Loren could also reinforce the basic meaning behind brand, which could be defined using only one word: Voluptuosity. The conception for designing the pieces is provoking in the viewer an effect of surprise while facing an object of power, luxury, beauty and the story of women in front of cameras. Particularly, when women were recognised for possessing beauty was a relevant element for achieving success in this field of media industry since the origins of filmmaking. Nowadays more women are trying to transform this unreal goal of getting the perfect face, skin, weight, among other elements, which had been offering for whom was able to pay the right price.

 Voluptuosity is the best word to define the smallest characteristic, detail, colours and even the organised lines in the design, as well as the cultural representation of female condition in this period, where divorce in Rome was not legal. As we perceive since our first steps the mirrors bring the opportunity of having a new approach to understand the relation of women in the media sphere, where their talent in front of the camera and their representation of strength in female was characterised by a stoic position about life or becoming a complete wicked character. Taylor knew how to play both inside and outside the camera.

Giving in this way a better density of what a female is. She could not expose only an image of fragility but her big violet eyes and the sharp lines of her face provoke the deepest interest in different men as her force for acting in big productions without being erased by her male colleagues, for example, James Dean. A lot of people used to talk about her multiple marriages, however, she married more than two or three times…I remembered somebody explaining this way not as erratic but in a society, where you couldn’t date different guys. Perhaps, this was the alternative to feel peace towards a conservatism way of thinking but keeping an evolving mentality towards relationships in a time, where most could not have this kind of freedom.

In this sense, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor would represent interesting views of being famous actresses in different coasts of the Atlantic. The first one should use to be attached to a culture linked strongly to Catholicism meanwhile Taylor was raised in Christian Science religion and then she adopted Judaism for feeling a lack of the proper knowledge to communicate with God. It is interesting how the places and religions in the areas, where they lived influenced in notorious ways what their images represented for media through values and exhibition of particular characteristics like the causes and ideas they supported.

Elizabeth Taylor is perhaps one of the most famous icons who wears jewels from Bvlgari.

The usual stones are agates, amethyst and diamonds.On the right side of the picture we find one of the pieces from Monete collection. We also can observe the design of the snake bracelet and the emeralds and diamonds collar, which was a gift from Burton to Taylor.


The exhibition could not ignore the relevance of heritage from Sotirios Voulgari, who found a great way of mixing-up in his design the identity and meaning of his creations. The coins from Greek tradition for crossing the sea to visit Hades Kingdom as other representations of deities like Zeus from the Islands as well as the colour of some stones, which reminded the waters from the Aegean, Ionian as well as West and Mediterranean Sea.

Undoubtedly, he could not leave the presence of the wicked representation of evil with a magnificent representation of snakes, the approach is interesting because play with a representation of a dangerous animal but it could possess an attractive visual example of how to use the things we fear to have more power over ourselves. In this case, the sensation of how luxury would conquer you desire of getting more as it did happened to Adan and Eva in the original Biblical story. Visiting this exhibition is not only an amusing activity, it is more of discovering the meaning behind beauty, power and female representation on media.

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