Demolition for fun on Xmas

The holidays had arrived. Everyone is preparing and finishing the last details to enjoy the end of a surprising year. Particularly, for the influence of the Brexit, American election, Syrian refugees crisis, among other pressures from the market. Perhaps, the best alternative is demolition to face one of the most complicated seasons in the Economic and Political sphere in the last two years.

Nobody is sure about what is behind the interest of supporting different options or alternatives in the European market or if the American protectionism, which was the main offer from Trump during his campaign will evolve in the long-term with the best results. However, if the last news did not work out properly for you and your family and you are still feeling the emotions from Christmas time, we had no doubts about what would make you feel excited to know more about how to spend your time helping others while you destroy all the building of gingerbread city.

The tradition organised for Gingerbread Demolition this year would have more people interested in destroying the construction of beautiful houses for supporting children in need. I was lucky enough to find by accident a Jeannette Cheah for a second time in Melbourne, she was organising the event and handling some pieces of gingerbread next to Will outside the Milkshakes store on the Melbourne Central next to Cupcake Central, where they were working to finish their support to the Program Save the Children Australia Cubbies, which protected children living in vulnerable conditions to enjoy their childhood as well as provide support to youth workers to develop skills and abilities.

There was not enough time and I am pretty sure they had already sold out all the tickets, however, this is a great opportunity of having a lovely time with friends while supporting a relevant program for Melbourne community. If you want more information, visit Gingerbread demolition

In case you would like to organise your own demolition party at home for non-profit fun, you would like to visitĀ  #Build&Demolishforfun

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