The luckiest visit

The first encounter with English Literature used to happen when you started to study Classics or taking similar subjects, however I could remember a book fill with different stories of romantic tragedies. I cannot recall the author, it was probably published before I was born. It was not a nice encounter, it was very sad, I think it was not interesting to find a group of lovely stories ending in so bad terms. In these stories the poisons did not make you fall in love but drain your life away from you as well as the readers’ possibilities of having an experience of happiness while enjoying a happy reading because the lovers were, sometimes, unable to create a real opportunity to stay together or after being exposed to the cruelest obstacles they did not find a way to succeed as they’d have a chance to enjoy the best part of a good and healthy relationship since the story begins.

I could think about all these memories in few seconds while I was observing the paintings and sculptures exhibited on the Schaeffer Gallery. When I found the portrait  of Isolde the paragraphs giving details of this romance comes to my mind like I had been checking the stories of Tristan and Isolde; Lancelot and Guinevere, Orpheus and Eurydice, among others, yesterday.

The first one was the story of  Isolde, an Irish Princess, having the ability to remind clearly the description of a woman with white skin and intense red-brownish hair as the best symbol of incredible beauty at that time. My grandmother used to have next her bed a pile of books, which a variety of topics. It was impossible to ignore her love for reading. Particularly, when she explained she used to read a long story as Don Quixote by Miguel more than twice in her life just for enjoying the story. However, it was not the famous and most important creation of Spanish literature, which I found first, the relevant encounter arrived at least seven or eight years later at the high school library.

 I am not going to lie I’ve never had the intention to finish the entire book, I got enough with my regular classes at that time. My curiosity and time brought me the chance of reading three or four stories from the seven written by the author.

The story gave me the first approach to the conception and representation of female heroine, as any children fantasized about the different kinds of women she would like to become as an adult, however, as with the original Mermaid storyline, both brought me the sense of losing not my time but my hope while I was reading the story and while I was thinking about the way the story goes until the end, I love the characters, for that reason it was not something I would remember as enjoyable. For a great love, it is necessary a better outcome…

La Belle Yseult by John Bedford

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