The value of ONE (First)

The method to create a dream team has been an important key to start a successful project inside or outside any institution. A lot of people believe the most important element is having the right leader to promote, or in some cases push the individual’s abilities to their limits. Both elements are necessary.

Usually, the role of someone who believes in one idea even against all the possibilities is the most important element. A few days ago, I found a young gal making jokes about companies with one member and it was quite funny because even it sounds against any logical analysis, the truth is it is possible to find multiple examples of successful start-ups becoming biggest corporations or small companies with innovative ideas, which transformed the reality of biggest players in the market when they were bought by the biggest fish.

My purpose for this article is not being attached to a  critical with against different opinions. However. the only purpose is trying to make people believe in things they consider almost impossible and which, are not necessarily so difficult to find in different countries.

Our purpose is finding five examples of the power of one, which in the past and in some industries are deeply connected with male talent. Names like Rupert Murdock, Kerry Singleton, John Packer, Dick Smith had been stipulated as the most successful in media&entertainment, telecommunications industries, as well as in diamonds and coal mines industries.

In the United States, I found a similar list of men in positions of becoming multimillionaires in companies, which begun with one individual, as Microsoft, Dell, and Amazon with Bill Gates,  Michael Dell and Jeff Bezos. If we keep following, it is impossible to avoid finding similar crossing the Atlantic or going to the South, where we’d probably reminded guys with identical stories of success.

The most common element is trying to figure it out how these stories were possible and we will do with different protagonists. You would keep coming back to our website to discover the keys to success when you started as ONE.

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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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