The luckiest visit (2nd part)

What are the differences between Arts and Spectacle?

Following my path giving a few steps across the Schaeffer Gallery and walking between the beautiful sculptures represented and inspired in the Hellenic myth, which had inspired modern stories, as well as, letting us known better the perception of Greek citizens, then Romans about God’s values in the imaginaria of whom we recognise as the first creators of multiple Arts, skills, and Science, which are still part of regular knowledge at modern studies.

Another interesting aspect was finding people from different cities. Also, having the chance to enjoy some wonderful paintings, which reflects different Periods of our World History, from different periods of our History. On the walls the paintings showed multiple details of ancient figures as Heracles,Bacchus, Aphrodite, a molded body of a wild lion in the moment of eating the prey. The exhibition works better as a metaphor of life and time. Even when the events had passed at least more than 20 centuries ago.

Watching the beauty of a couple in the point of waiting an execution in the Roman Colosseum. There should be a tragic

Francois PONCET, VENUS, 1782

scene but the only thing you could find in that image is the peace love brings when it is real. You watched it and you knew there is no fear to leave the world because you had known the true meaning, sleeping under the shadows waiting to be killed by hungry lions, I am not sure if Tristan and Ysolde could be more dramatic than this but even when the concept of love gained an extreme popular place in Culture around the nineteenth century. Undoubtedly, having the vision as a painter to imagine that kind of feeling in an ancient period has a particular beauty. It is not only about being able to capture the scene or the bodies but providing the emotion and feeling of the people, whom experience an unfair death for their beliefs.

The extreme point of marking a cross on the sand while you were waiting to be eaten by two huge beasts is not the best way to find peace on Earth but the solemn expression of the victim in the arena could represent the our ancient need of a dramatic spectacle. It happened until today when we see how bulls are killed in Spain for satisfying the audience. What is the difference between Arts and Spectacle? Is a good question, especially when we appreciate it had not ended. We still observed how the mass needs to see blood over the powder of a modern Colosseum. After all this time, we hadn’t changed in some details. If you want to enjoy the third part…

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