The luckiest visit (3rd part)

What is the difference between Arts and Spectacle?

At this point of History, where human asked themselves and others about what is the purpose of seeing violent and aggressive behaviour between different groups or attacking an animal without a good reason. The truth is human beings are attracted to this kind of spectacle, from the bulls killed on the arena in any Spanish plaza or another city, where this European tradition was placed until watching in a combat like box, two gladiators hitting each other to be recognized by their skills in the field. I do not defend positions, my approach to both experiences comes from Literature.

I don’t believe I could handle how someone kill an animal for amusement because I’d probably defend the creature under the circumstances of feeling annoyed by this kind of purpose.  There is only a beast on the arena and a group of men bothering, hurting and increasing the adrenaline in this bull to attack a man, who plays with a beautiful suit and the classic red-cape. Most of the time, Arts experts had taken a similar position to analyse the lack of characteristics of Arts in the spectacle of killing a bull in different countries. However, there is, for some people,  a sense of fair payback in San Fermin, where men run for their lives while a bunch of bulls go behind them in them inside small streets walking over the participants, in the best scenario for runners. Others got injured during their pursuit of adrenaline, the same adrenaline that makes the bull in the arena attack the gentleman who plays, as well as the beast, with the soft-red cape.

Is this euphoric and intense research of extreme emotion different from the another one, which was created by an Artist and move the emotions of the audience for his or her work? Sometimes we feel excitement in both scenarios, the one created by the Artist and the most shocking, which is provoked by violence in the real world or in fiction. For example, others used to feel this passion for what a sport man boxer does on the ring, honestly, I prefer to play video games to kick the shit out of someone or being knocked-out by your opponent, I had never enjoyed the scene of two men hitting each other but even when Tauromachy or bullfighting and box had been hardly criticized, it is impossible for me to ignore how others could love the excitement of watching a similar spectacle that we enjoy observing a painting in any gallery as the images inspired by the violent encounters on the Colosseum during the Roman Empire across all their territories during its period of great glory.


Undoubtedly, this provoked given a new chance for cataloguing the meaning of Art, unnecessary violence against any species is critical but it is undeniable the permanent desire from men and women to observe this kind of spectacle. I guess there is an emotional attachment to watching and enjoying this physical encounters, and all the pleasure this situation provoked in them. Even when the spectacle could be aggressive, it brings to the eye of the beholder, the beauty of nature and life, where combat, strategy and blood are part of daily life. Sometimes, real life is like killing or be killed, in a metaphorical sense, Sometimes the spectacle only plays a plethora of pathos in a kinetic dance between two sportsmen boxers or in the arena, where even when the beast had nothing at all in his favor, most of the time, we cannot close our eyes and thinking about how many times that scenario is similar for human beings, women or men in the real world.

I believe, perhaps, this is the essential advantage point of enjoying this kind of practice. Even when I would have never been in front of the arena or enjoying something like it on TV or assisting to box encounters, the truth is Literature, History and human behaviour opened not necessarily my opinion but increase awareness about the desire of a particular audience, as well as, the transmission of this traditions through syncretism in new lands discovered and which are nowadays ex-old colonies with autonomy but where these traditions are still part of the core values of these nations.


 Under this way of thinking we could not ignore the differences of Arts and Spectacle are more attached to an individual’s perceptions and values rather than an indistinguishable position inspired by right or wrong. Arts and Spectacle moves emotions in the same way from excitement to anger…in some sort of way, we would probably need to analyze what moves us to attack so vehemently something like it and their audience.

What moves me to write was observing the images of animals killed to nurture me and there is violence to observe, which was chosen to provoke me a feeling of guilt or something like remorse and I understand but it could be shocking watching something like it when I watched a few weeks ago a video from Turkey, where the Russian ambassador, Andrei Karlov, was killed in front of an opening of a Photography exhibition, in a violent and horrendous way, where media showed me how the gunman was defending his action as part of a political and violent protest against the participation of Russia in Aleppo. For few seconds, the worst emotions were transmitted to an audience in our regular electric canvas, where the scenario was an Artistic environment but the spectacle only provoked repulsion, even though I kept watching so I started to ask myself what was the real difference between Arts and Spectacle for us?… And of course another questions appeared Are we ready to redefine our perception of what is Art? and What is spectacle?

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