The luckiest visit (3rd part)

Final Edition of what is the difference between Arts and Spectacle?


What is the difference between Arts and Spectacle?

At this point of History, where human asked themselves and others about what is the purpose of seeing violent and aggressive behaviour between different groups or attacking an animal without a good reason. The truth is human beings are attracted to this kind of spectacle, from the bulls killed on the arena in any Spanish plaza or another city, where this European tradition was placed until watching in a combat like box, two gladiators hitting each other to be recognized by their skills in the field. I do not defend positions, my approach to both experiences comes from Literature.

I don’t believe I could handle how someone kill an animal for amusement because I’d probably defend the creature under the circumstances of feeling annoyed by this kind of purpose.  There is only a beast on the arena and a group of men…

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