Travels, trains and memories

C:Rossana Naveda. Australia. Twelve Apostles.


by Rossana Naveda
Forgetting the glorious memories of Jim Parsons‘s character, Sheldon Cooper, who has a passion  for trains which goes to the farthest extreme of letting he knows every detail of these machines. A storyline let us exploring his interest  about the mechanics, weight, speed, origin, among other details he used to explain in every episode. In my case, I did not possess so much information but the travels I had done in some of them had been important so it is a unique experience. Even when it is impossible for everybody to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I had some unforgettable moments in them.

The image of a little refugee with a blue-light sweater and a blue jean asking for help for her and her family while I was trying to arrive to the Chateau de Versailles, yes, the revolution had finished long time ago. However, War made the children get in the train, upside-down in a restless condition for seeking anybody with enough money, I tried to reach my phone but it was an unsuccessful action. In my last trip on the station somebody with the same desire of money did not ask for it in a soft manner but he or she only decided to take it smoothly from my camera bag. What a shame of traveler I was so I was thinking more about the experience.

An unforgettable another travel was my experience in the Indian Pacific, which is the only direct transcontinental train, while I was trying to do my first visit to a cave in Blue Mountains, it is something really interesting. During my trip I met a young French traveler, who talked a little bit about the situation in France and how complicated the things were at the moment during 2015 before all the senseless violence at the end of the same year. It was a great travel watching the beautiful small towns in front of the Pacific Ocean, it was something you would not let leave your mind. I enjoyed the view, it was a quiet travel. I probably share with less than 10 travelers during the almost two hours from Sidney until I finally arrived to the small town.

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I had the luck to remember all of this while I was reading a poem from an arabic author Ali Al Joundi, which I found in a book of Artists and refugees, who expressed their views on War, Death, life, opportunities, fear and in his piece named Les trains passent, he made an effort for thinking about the future with a special optimism. As we see 2016 ending, I believe his words “Peut-etre l’anee prochaine la fete leur viendra…Sur les ailes d’un train”, which means “Perhaps, celebration will come to us next year over a train’s wings”. The magical minute is the connection with one of the best Artist   from Magic Realism, Gonzalo Endara Crow, and of course the imaginaria we share from the Polar Express story written by Chris Van Allsburg. Undoubtedly, trains are in some kind of way a vehicle not only for good stories, beautiful paintings, lovely views, interesting encounters but since their presence in our world, they provide us the expectation of good things to come, a place to go, people to see, opportunities, amusement or more. Perhaps, Ali would be right and we will have better things on 2017.

If I had the chance, I will choose to take these trains next year for seeing the amazing alternatives I enjoyed in my previous journeys
  • Kuranda Scenic Railway (AUSTRALIA).
  • California Zephyr (US).
  • Eurostar (Traveling from London-Paris (UK&EUROPE).
  • Trans-Siberian (RUSSIA).
  • Himalayan Queen (INDIA).

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