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For once in my life, I cannot sing in the rain…

Well, discovering Princess Leia was not anymore between us was like when you discover Santa Claus could have a different identity. A little less magical and a closer approach to what the real world is. However, finding her mother’s death was more dramatic when I still remember the old images of Gene Kelly dancing happy after letting the sweet Kathy Selden  (Debbie Reynolds) in front of her door, perhaps, for me it is the best representation of that crazy thing called love, which is not necessarily attached only to one thing, a person, it could be a wide list of things you love… as you want to mention.

The melody of the famous song from the movie I had watched thousand of times with my family Singing in the rain had never left me every time I see the first drops of water hitting on the floor or after the rain had passed and you can see the humidity in every corner. It was one of those week when time had established its relevance while we saw how two famous actresses from the 50’s and 60’s left us behind. All the fame, the attention and the pressure from show business is on Billie Catherine Lourde. May the force be with her now.

Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia and the unforgettable bikini in Pop Culture

I am gonna miss her. I grew up watching her as a female with voice and strong character but at the same time, her desire to let her voice sound clear all the time. Fearless, smart enough to confront any risk for conquering the cause of the Rebels; leaving Politics behind, she was an incredible example of rebel princess with a cause. And we had already a lot of them in the real world, which has been amazing too.

I think all these details made her really interesting, attractive and impressive for girls in the audience. So impressive as the repulsion of her kissing his brother for putting Han Solo’s pride in ridicule. Beyond the regular confrontations, after she grow up enough to have a sexy bikini, which made her the sex icon of millions of Geeks, even if she hated it but it was the fact. I believe the scene should be analyzed while we confront how now women not necessarily see lingerie as part of seduction tricks. Victoria Secret had transformed the concept of wearing only underwear in something closer to buying products from Haute Couture brands.

In some sort of way, in her time everything looks quite more as a lack of force but as Fisher explained she find the force to strangle her captor using the attire. In that sense, the real concept is any women shouldn’t lose herself, no matter what she is wearing. And Fisher always defended this position.

She was also considered a talented script writer and one of her famous films was Postcards from the edge, where she gave to the audience an open door to one of the famous clans of Hollywood and as she explained in multiple interviews, it gave more disadvantages for personal affairs rather than being anonymous.


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