The Australian Steak

First, this is our way to invite you to see more about food and delicious recipes in  Foodiefriends&more. I read positive comments about the Australian meat industry, then I had two opportunities to confirm what I have listened before from different sources about the excellent taste and quality of Australian steak. It was one of the best surprises I found in the land of wild and dangerous  creatures. Australian are proud of its industry, more than once I heard comments about the quality and excellent taste of these products and finally, I got the opportunity to enjoy this tasty alternative, which was a great surprise.

One of my roommates invited me to discover a restaurant nearby our backpackers where we could enjoy an extraordinary taste from little bistro and restaurants. The place is located nearby Flinders Lane, and it looks like the better alternative to enjoy an outstanding amount of chances to try new flavours or rediscover those, which made us feel an attractive approach to our memories.

We share an entrée between three, there were three delicate slices of bread with tomato, ricotta, champignon and parsley, with a soft touch of extra virgin olive oil. The perfect combination of products for making you feel touch by their distinctive taste.

Yummy Bread

Afterwards, my roommates explained the best part is the lowest price for an excellent meal, especially, for people who use to travel overseas trying to enjoy something like a special dinner. Also, this is one of the most popular activities in Melbourne, the city where most of their citizens having an interesting approach for tasting a good coffee at every opportunity. While we enjoy our entrée, we take the time to see the place inspired in an Old European coffee full of old pictures decorated the walls. Faces of celebrities like Maria Callas and Sophia Loren with other black and white images covered the space next to books. You feel like you were eating in someone’s house. If you prefer a different experience, you could ask for a table outside, where watching others and enjoying the sun could in the middle of the day be an interesting approach to your interests.

The beverages arrived. However, we waited more time that we expected for the main dishes. The cider taste was good and when we thought we could not wait any longer, our eyes could not avoid exploring the texture and smell of a beef steak and pork steak. The meat was perfect on a bed made with little potatoes and mushroom,  covered with butter let you enjoy the delicate, juicy and tasty bits.

Exquisite Australian Steak!

Meanwhile, the pork was a little crunchy and softer texture, which make it flavour better and different. It comes with mashed potatoes.

Exquisite Australian Steak!

Considering all the warnings about environment issues. I could not avoid thinking about the risks of eating meat. Especially, when everybody tend to express their preference for less meat, fish, eggs or similar products in their diets. It is a difficult obstacle learning about the solutions but at the same time, I understand the purpose of being committed with this purpose in protecting animals and environment, however, it ‘s hard to deny in my table the delicious and exquisite flavour of a good steak. In one of the last meetings I went about start-ups in University of Melbourne, I met Sara, a Veterinarian student, we discussed the conflicts of producing high-quality meat considering the costs of raising cows for the environment.

Through the conversation, she explained the risk of greenhouse gases and the use of energy for producing meat. However, these situation is not perceived as harmless by lovers of meat, who like to try once and again the delicious alternatives in different restaurants in Melbourne.Thinking about it, we agree about Australian industry to protect one of its most valuable economic assets, and the reasons for making everyone aware that we could enjoy eating meat but it is a pleasure that we do not need to have every day.


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