Endless emotions

I did not attend the memorial for showing respect to the victims after the insane attack perpetrated by Dimitrious Gargasoulas in the centric streets of Melbourne a few weeks ago. I had enough resilience to do it the next morning while Melbournians still showed their respect for the young Matthew Si, 33; Thalia Haikin 10; and a youth and young woman with a great smile Jess Mudie, 22. As I walked through Swanston Street to arrive to the corner of Bourke Street, where you could find the first Post office in Melbourne.

The flowers on the corner with messages about how Melbourne will remember those victims were sincerely a heart-breaking moment. Watching how people took pictures and media professionals were filming the details to announce the last changes in the life of victims and family was part of the morning. Citizens still observed the place without believing something like it the heart of the CBD nearby the famous Flinders Station.

Some t-shirts showed messages of comfort for people who cannot control their tears. Everybody was trying to comfort their children. Perhaps, watching them letting flowers or messages for the little Thalia was an inspiring visual sequence to type the words. I sit down and asked to a reporter from Sky News what happened with the little baby fighting for his life at the Children Hospital, his eyes expressed sadness while he explained me the parents told to media that the baby passed away during the weekend. I only could say “That is sad.” The blonde anchor looked at me with the same expression in his eyes and he told “Yes, it is.”

I kept walking back to Swanston street seeing another little mountain of flowers, where another victim was helped. It was one of those experiences, where nobody understand the facts but feel the pain and mourn for a tragic episode. A few days later, the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, appeared in the breakfast to congratulate the Australian of the year nominees. His message was clear, “Australia is a Nation, which keeps its spirit on the positive things”. I believe it was a way to keep the spirit strong after more than a dozen of citizens damaged by an evil act. Undoubtedly, the celebration of the positive actions and members from the community couldn’t arrive in a better time from Sidney.

In Melbourne, there was space to embrace a better environment through the competition of resilient stars as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and of course, Mirjana Lučić-Baroni, who undoubtedly, was one of the most emotional competitors this year. Every player had a great story to arrive to the last stages of the Australian Open 2017, the kind of encounter which I doubt anyone would forget. Particularly, when it reminds the interest of this city to amuse, entertain, and surprise locals and foreigners. Perhaps, it is the kind of emotion we should attach to ourselves in a time where terrorists actions had condemned even the innocents.

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