Protecting victims

After multiple violent acts published or shared in Global Media against young students, citizens, children and women in United States, Australia and Spain, where the life of the victims would probably have a better end after suffering the risk of being attacked or molested by unstable ex-husbands or aggressive classmates. The first case happened in the Gold Coast, where a mother, Teresa Bradford was killed by his ex-husband, who was accused of domestic violence and granted bail in early January. A similar situation happened with the erratic behaviour of James ‘Jimmy’ Gargasoulas, who stabbed his brother during at raining morning in Melbourne before he decided to use his car to kill multiple victims across Bourke Street. Undoubtedly, a call of attention to recognise intrafamilial violence  affected different ethnic groups in the same way in our world.

Both cases had attracted the attention of media and citizens, who are concerned about the effects of domestic violence in the communities. Women had been moved by Teresa’s case and ask for increasing the protection of women and children in cases of extreme violence.

Meanwhile in Villena, Spain, a seventeen-year old student chose revenge against his six classmates after being victim of abuse during a long time. The young was an A-student, who used to be bully for that reason, so he arrived to his high school a few weeks ago and he stabbed his peers until one of the students was able to stop him. Undoubtedly, this would not be the first of the last case of teenagers attacking his peers under the constant pressure of bullying. The United States and Australia had also cases of violent behaviour, which caused extreme crimes as Columbine or the lost of adolescents, who decided to kill themselves rather than finding a better solution for the situation.

A few weeks ago, Mexico was the scenario of a similar crime in a high-school. Undoubtedly, even when it looks like violence has become the regular answer to solve multiple cases, it is impossible to deny the relevant role of the family to protect the women and younger citizens from devastating consequences. Sometimes the victim’s family explain they did not know the kind of danger the victim could suffer under her partner and they used to affirm if they should have known more about the situation, they will act to stop the aggressor.

Questions about how Governments could provide a safe environment for families, where gender violence is one of the most relevant cause of women’s death in different countries remained as one of the most unnoticed issues in the Political agenda, where the lack of jobs had become the most relevant topic in each corner of the world. We cannot solve anything but we are pretty sure if victims would have better alternatives to search for help or having the support of their family in every case of violence, the amount of unnecessary violence would diminish. What let disturbed people acted in erratic and dangerous ways is most of the time the lack of support for confronting difficult traumas or personal issues.

For that reason, we were interested to create a product which let you know where to find your family member, especially, if they confront similar situations of domestic or school violence, where it would be relevant to let them know you will be there in case of an emergency or if the aggressors are trying to provoke physical or sexual damage to the victim.

The name of the product is Safety Call and help to contact more than one person of your family, if you feel under any kind of threat. From violence at home or school to the kind of danger you would feel in a bar when it is possible you shouldn’t feel comfortable enough to leave a restaurant, bar, event, job, school, gym, University, you could find this tool as a good alternative to search for support from family or friends. Do not trust easily in anybody, sometimes, even friends could try to damage you. They will have access to important information of where you are. You also will have access to more information about the risks of some drugs, which could be used to affect your behaviour, and also you will have access to Cultural information. Remember if somebody had  expressed their desire of hurting you in any way, share the information with your family and the police. This is our first version, you should have access to the new one in May 2017.

You only need to download it using your mobile phone Safety Call or go to mobincube


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